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[YUME] Post in here every time you remember your dream [SIGNS]

201 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-31 10:39
It was some kind of sci fi setting. My friends and I were supposed to be solving some sort of murder mystery, I think we were PIs or cops. I had a high-tech stun rod, and I quickly put it to terrible use. A very soft girl from my real life was present, so when nobody was looking I stunned her limp and walked to a secluded spot with her to try and get a sex. Unfortunately she started waking up before I could do anything besides some grinding, and I had to sheepishly explain that I accidentally stunned her and was getting her help.

Later in the same dream, I kept entering bathrooms and being met with a weird, rapey aura. On my last visit before waking up, the evil force revealed itself--a Pacific Islander walked up near me at the urinals, grinned and said "wussug," and started pissing fucking everywhere with no sign of stopping. I was reaching for my stun rod when I awoke. 7.5/10 dream overall, great environment and interesting premise, I just wish I could've had some good dream sex.
202 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-06 04:13
I keep having dreams where I have to take an exam and then I wake up and realize I graduated college a long time ago.
203 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-06 07:52
I dreamt that I overslept for a huge race for Project D, and that Ryosuke was blowing up my phone. I panicked when I realized there was no way to make it in time from America, and that I’d fucked our perfect record. During this logistical blowup my ex also texted ne, and my parents judged my life decisions as a downhill racer very harshly. I woke up convinced that the dream was real and that my life had fallen apart in one night. 2/10 dream, highly stressful and the wake up was extremely upsetting to go through. No more Initial D before bed while I’m sickly.
204 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-26 17:40
Somehow I had realized my long-term dream of moving into a very large apartment which had rooms to spare. However, some of the rooms adjoined larger halls that weren't part of my domain, but rather the apartments of other, even posher people. The only way to determine that I had wandered out of my own area was to note whether there were things such as bookshelves, doilies, and fancy (i.e. not Ikea) wooden furniture.

There was also an accordion-style door that straight up lead into someone else's home a significant distance away, and they called the cops on me and attempted to prevent me from leaving. Knocking an obstructing midget aside, I finally discovered the exit and made my hasty retreat to a cityscape of perpetual twilight where my lithe female sidekick awaited, a portable compressor of some kind hooked up to her scooter as a sort of a trailer for me to sit on so she could give me a ride back home. Putting my hands on the scooter for balance I noticed that parts of it would get noticeably hot, as is simply the nature of internal combustion machines.

Having made our ridiculous escape through little winding streets, all alike, she helped me patch up the asphalt rash on my knees and elbows using stickers indicating discount sales in a foreign and obsolete currency.
205 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-02 12:20
I was in a mental facility like the one in Twelve Monkeys, except bigger and out in the open. My narrator voice described a lot of the residents as I passed them, including someone named the Joker who might have been the batman villain or just a random guy. Finally my little tour led me to some guys in wheelchairs playing craps by a hill. I sat down to watch and a beautiful girl walked over to me and sat down.

She asked if I was a new entry here, and what I was dealing with. I forget what I told her but whatever it is, she was going through the same. She said she liked it here though, and that she'd probably be out in 90 days. We were going to keep chatting but my damned alarms woke me up.
206 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-10 08:39
I was part of some hippy collective who wanted to steal shit in NYC. We were staying at a hotel but on the night of the heist, we watched a squad of well-armed guys like us get gunned down in the street by cops. It took a lot of deliberation but we chose to go through with the theft the next day. We got to the bank and tried opening the door, but it immediately triggered an alarm and what followed was one of the most intense and terrifying dream chases ever. It was desperate but we were avoiding capture, until we tried splitting up and heard the cops say "follow those two!" I realized they meant me and my hippy friend, who had gotten shot in the leg at this point. We pulled some insane stunts, I was dodging police cars as they tried to run me over and he was skateboarding down hills for extra speed. I remember saving him from a cop and starting to limp down an alley together, and then I was wake n faked.

Dream 2 had me in bed with the same girl that’s plagued my dreams for the past few years, the star of the hard nipple hug saga. We talked about my dream, cooked dinner togerher, and then had extremely intimate and sensual dream sex that was so lewd I was having trouble thinking straight. I woke up before the sexing concluded, as is usually the case for me in these dreams.

Final verdict on both dreams, 10/10. Incredibly vivid, awesome concepts, and a respectable narrative through-line thanks to that well timed wake n fake. Maybe a chicken parm before bed isn’t as bad of a choice as I’d thought.
207 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-11 17:23
I dreamened that I was in India or some third world country with my parents. The hotel was this large collection of buildings that had their inner walls opened between them to form long hallways, a lobby, and a "grand" staircase spread between haphazardly created hotelrooms. There was orange painted on the stone walls and lots of dust from outside had gathered all over the floors and covered the carpets outside the hotel rooms. The walls around the rooms were all opened with bricks removed, and in the "grand" staircase room the ceiling had a big hole in it in the middle that seemed to have been created to allow in some more natural sunlight. It felt like we were still outside even inside.

The nexte morning after arriving we went around town. There was a crossing under a highway where we stopped. My mother didn't hear us telling her to not cross the road and nearly got mashed by a car. We returned back to the hotel after that.

At the hotel I decided to get a shave of my stubble but the whole area was so run down I reconsidered. After the half-dead brown third worlder in the barber's chair spake to me in broken English, I upwoke.
208 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-15 11:58
I found myself in a large backyard of an apartment building, where people had gathered to view an apartment that was up for rent. The owners would show it to two attendees at a time according to a lottery selection, and my ticket was up in the first set. Stepping through the door I found myself in a spacious living room with wooden floors and windows on both sides, and looking through a window it turned out that the apartment was actually a very large railcar that was accelerating out of the station.

The owners then proceeded to show me around the apartment, paying particular attention to little alcoves set up for woodwork and sewing, and a third fold-out cubbyhole that was reserved for painting. Further down the back there was an elevated loft for sleeping in and an adjoining second railcar that had raw lumber in it up to about a quarter of the way. Despite the windows being effectively so transparent as to not be there at all, there was very little of the 80 mph wind one would expect, next to noise, and the apartment was all-in-all quite cozy.

I was left wondering why one would have an apartment with an address and a door in an apartment building, that nonetheless was mobile and seemingly on a regular schedule, so that guests could only be invited in at a specific stop and in order to go to work I'd have to step out and re-enter at the same part of the apartment's journey. However, the idea of being able to change cities while retaining digs seemed appealing, if a bit nutty.

There was no sign of the other renter-candidate.
209 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-16 17:05
I was walking through the supermarket with my father when we came across a huge bin full of stress balls. Instead of being stress balls though, they were just knock off Tenga Eggs that looked like stress balls with a conspicuous hole in them. My dad explained to me what they were and a passerby, a woman with glasses, said "isn't it obvious what they really are" to us.
210 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-18 19:15
I was going through a ghost town's abandoned houses with someone, and every house we'd go to would have the same layout with approximately the same books on the shelves. Eventually we wound up in a house that contained my old childhood desk's drawers and in those were all the gadgets and paperwork from 2004 that I've subsequently discarded.
211 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-19 18:08
Every time I get my weenie out in a dream, I put it in my mouth and nut instantly
212 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-22 13:20
I dreamt of warezing a FLAC album of some underground pop-techno artist which was encoded as about 40 tracks including all the 3- and 4-second chaff. Its track names were like "Girl", "Prototype", and half the album earlier "Girl 2", and the music mostly consisted of variations of a high-impact bassline with the novelty of a three-boop eightbitism within the main drum sample. The video to "Girl 2" is a hardcore pornographic short film set in the mid-to-late seventies and produced in a wistfully retro nineties style.
213 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-02 12:12
There was this primitive realm being overrun by monsters, like orcs or something, and a master shaman and an apprentice shaman are going to try to stop the invasion using the power of the god/demon? they worship. But this requires a human sacrifice and they have a bit of a conundrum because the master thinks he should be the one to die because he's old and tired and can pass the crown on as it were, but the apprentice is young and strong and a more potent sacrifice if they give him.
Anyway they make the preparations and are in this big dark cave with one of those platforms of stone overlooking a vast darkness, and the master shaman is at the edge praying to a giant floating phantom head and preparing to sacrifice himself while the apprentice is standing behind him and watching. But the floating head has decided it wants the apprentice as a better sacrifice and is just distracting the master by talking to him while using its magical powers to light the apprentice on fire, and the master only realizes when it's already too late.
214 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-24 12:00
I dreamt that I was in this hotel in Europe(?). My roommates were these two lesbians that I believe had just finished sexing when I woke into the dream. Ignoring them for the moment, I did my laundry and looked around for my drums, which were somewhere in the hotel.

During my journey I ate dinner with my friends but my father was there, and kept getting angry when we cursed or joked around. Later I encountered a very soft girl who seemed to like me, and we had a good time exploring the hotel together. She famously said at one point, "I don't really care that this is a dream, at least I still met you." Waking up was very bittersweet, as the dream had felt very real and I spent the first waking minute or two looking around for the dream girl's phone number.
215 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-08 14:49
I was out biking with a few of my friends when I realized that there were people walking around wearing my university's old marching band uniforms. This was a bad sign, because it meant that my ex was somewhere nearby. Lo and behold, as soon as I said that out loud she came around the corner with her own gang of cyclists, and they started trying to talk to us. My ex was depicted as having really ratty short hair and strange makeup, and generally she had a strong crackhead aura about her. This was a shock to me, and I was simultaneously concerned and convulsed. When I asked why she looked like that she said "what do you mean? Of course this is what happened!" She kept trying to get me back, so I told my boys to scatter and we biked away as fast as possible. I remember there were other facets to the dream, but I don't remember them as well. If I believed dreams to be prophetic, I'd guess that my ex did some dummy boy fuckshit recently. Otherwise, it's probably just my subconscious telling me it doesn't want her anymore.
216 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-18 12:26
I dreamted that I was sharing a room with the incredibly hot, flat-stomached lass from the other day. She was reading a book before bed and I said "I love that one, can I read too?" She acquiesced and beckoned me over, and I took the liberty of getting into her bed under her covers with her. A very sexy time followed quickly afterward, although in the back of my mind I started wondering if the non-dream version of her actually had a significant other.

After that excellent sexing concluded, I had another dream wherein one of the ensembles I lay for was rehearsing inside a gas station convenience store. We started in a parking lot, and I was holding a bass--perhaps for continuity from the last dream, as that girl plays the bass. Someone told me to throw it on the gravel, though, and I did, and we all left to rehearse. Someone was murdered, but at least we got gyros. Later, someone designed a high-powered pistol that could only shoot one bullet, and they told me that I was tasked with vengeance for the person who died. I was practicing with the pistol when I woke up.
217 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-22 23:00
My dad was wearing a better version of my sweater
218 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-23 14:57
I was in a rehearsal for some large ensemble that was being directed by my favorite director, who I have a bit of a teacher crush on. Suddenly, in the middle of a piece, I had to piss. Dream logic dictated that in order to do this, I had to take my jacket and shirt off, though. The director saw me taking off my shirt and did the same, probably as a way of chastising me for being so scandalous during rehearsal. Her dream tits were very large and enticing, and now I was hardening in addition to needing to piss, so I ran away from rehearsal and found the nearest bathroom. Later in the dream I was in some sort of trailer park with a soft, short haired girl who had a drumset on her trailer's porch. The dream was fun overall, but I woke up with a craving for a soft squish.
219 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-25 12:57
I was at some kind of dock or canal at sunset. It was warm out and the sky was gorgeous, like some Howl's Moving Castle level scenery. There was a marimba there, and I played for a while as I watched the sun sink.

Later, probably after the stress relief tea I drank before bed wore off, I dreamt that I got crammed onto a plane with a few of my friends. When we landed I discovered that my house's basement was overrun with sprickets, so I ran away and we decided to just go back to our apartment on-campus instead. Along the way there we stole a cool-looking sign. When we were in the car and almost to the apartment, though, I looked out the window and saw some policemen breaching a nearby house. When they broke in there was a loud bang, my head felt weird and I heard my friend saying "hurry, get out of the car!"Overall verdict, 8/10. That first chunk of dream was well worth the return of a couple old traumas, and that second dream sequence was still exciting even if it was a little scary.
220 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-08 12:43
The first dream was a bit harder to remember. I know that I had an extending bo staff for some reason. My mother was there with her van, but she started getting sick so I took over driving for her. We went in an elevator for something, maybe at a hospital, but then I had a wake n fake into my next dream.

I was on a trip with a friend that I haven't seen in a long time. We were riding on a large bus across America(?) and we kept ending up in random locations. A strange throughline for the dream was that we kept seeing George Lucas and his wife in little to no clothing. Everything culminated in the bus parking outside some sort of resort. Everyone else got off and went in, but we were still out on the bus waiting for it to go to the next stop. As we waited, we took the bus for a joyride around the parking lot, saw George Lucas in a bathing suit, and eventually my friend ran in and stole ornate glasses of wine for us. We were starting to say gay friendshippy things when I woke up. This dream was a 9/10, it was great to see my buddy again, albeit a little bittersweet.
221 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-12 03:50
First sex dream in a while, and it had to be about a website user who's not just a lesbian but also horribly obese. I was putting a hand down my pants to see if there was an erection down there, but there wasn't, and she was also kinda like "nope" which wasn't surprising at all.
222 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-17 10:18
Just woke up at 1:20 AM from a bizarre dream and I remembered this thread. It's one of those dreams where you just don't want to go back to sleep on account of how freaky it was in case it might start up again or an equally strange dream might commence.

Anyway, the first thing I remember was camping out at the park across the street from my house. Behind the park was another dog park (which in present-day reality has been filled in with houses). There appeared to be a large, glowing summoning circle of some kind, faintly visible in the twilight. Before long, it was deep into the night. I appeared to be sleeping near the sidewalk on the basketball court (not very comfortable) alongside unseen friends (?) but it was too dark to see them. Across the street were great, towering, unfamiliar buildings which were threatening and which I determined to be the source of a demonic invasion. I get up to leave and, suddenly, it is daylight which strikes me very unusual.

I then awake in an unfamiliar bed which for some reason I identity as my sister's room despite bearing no resemblance to it. I have the impression that the "friends" are still there which I cannot see. I leave the room and come upon a flight of stairs which leads to an upper story (I recollect having been told the building was single-level). I am taken aback by how vast this upper story. It is old and dilapidated with many holes in the walls and floor. Almost more like a large attic. It comes to my attention that my grandparents are there (grandfather is deceased and grandmother is nearing death in real life).

I continue to wander until I find myself in what appears to be some kind of factory floor or lumber yard inside the mansion. There entrance the area is locked so I begin to ask workers for the exit. One of the workers leads me to an elevator platform. I am barely able to hold onto it's edge before it begins to raise me high up to the ceiling. My fingers nearly slip and I almost fall to the floor below. Eventually a foreman tells me to wait in a specific area. A large rectangle opens in the ceiling and I realize that I am Gordon Freeman from Half-Life I call out the names of Black-Mesa employees I remember in my dream state: "Alex, Eli!". A pair of unfamiliar scientists descends from ropes but I refuse their assistance thinking something is off. It becomes apparent that they have webbed, alien-like appendages as they ascend through the ceiling. The many workers then surround me also the revealing that they are aliens. They surround me and grasp at me with their many tentacled limbs. I awake.
223 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-17 14:56
I was in some kind of Yu-Gi-Oh crew. The first part of the dream is foggy but I remember us getting into duels in some kind of large building, and we started getting split up as other duels kept starting. Eventually we ended up at a train station, and there was a bit of drama as I wanted to get on and leave the female member of our team behind. I got on the train eventually with a few of our other members, and as it started moving we went through the cabins looking for someone.

The further back we went, the larger the train seemed to get. There was a whole airport-sized section, and this nature reserve area with a big lake. The only way I remembered that we were in a train was the occasional rumbling under our feet. By this point I was with this asian guy and the same girl from the previous confrontation. We wanted to go to the island in the middle of the lake to get a better vantage point to look for whoever we were trying to find, so we found a way around and got to it. Not long after we did, though, a groundskeeper came out with a pack of lions that started mating at the shore of the lake. I remember someone saying "Isn't it beautiful," to which I replied "No, it's kind odd." We managed to dodge the lions by taking turns making a human bridge with a fallen log on the other side of the island. I was stuck crawling over the girl, and I had to lift her off of the log when I had gotten completely across. I was saying out loud something about how she literally weighed nothing when I woke up. This was a pretty fun dream, any dream where I play serious children's card games is okay with me. In hindsight, the girl might have been some weird hybrid of an ex and another female from my recent history.
224 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-27 23:47
I've been playing Breath of the Wild, and I had a very vivid dream where I was Link after the story. Zelda somehow finds a way to revive all the Champions, and they're all back, banquet, hugs, yada yada. Afterwards and everyone is happy, I run off with Mipha (the fish waifu) and the two of us spend some really good quality time romancing, spending a night on the lake, sparring, and fucking like crazy. It ended with the two of us looking up into the stars, cuddling.

Am I a furry now? Best dream I've had in a while, not gonna lie.
225 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-29 15:36
I was stood on the Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway Hachiōji Line, masturbating freely.
226 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-07 14:33
I was driving in my mother's van. There might have been a couple friends in the car or not, it was a little inconsistent. The biggest catch was that the brakes on the vehicle were fucking garbage for some reason, and I was having the hardest time stopping. I accidentally fender bended a car in front of me at an intersection, and quickly turned a different way in order to escape them before they saw my license plate. Doing this took me through a strange exit, and I eventually ended up at an odd gun store.

In the front of the store was a bunch of pistols, rifles and ammunition hanging open on clothes racks. The further back you went, though, the stranger it got. The store also had discount ps2 games, anime DVDs, candy, antique swords, and some other random shit. There were as many children there with their parents as there were actual gun-purchasing adults. I think I ended up buying some pasta and leaving.

Later in dream world, I was back in my apartment, which was now an entire townhouse. I wake n faked beside a beautiful girl with dark curly hair that I believed was my gf through dream logic. When I "woke up" I was very tangled up in her, but I was comfortable and willing to fall back to sleep. She was apparently too warm, however, and she disconnected from me to sleep in the bed of my roommate, who was not present. Bored and now fully dream-awake, I got up and started looking around for something to cook. My spaghetti was missing, and I kept asking my friends about it, to which they replied that "dinner would be ready soon anyway." Waiting for dinner I kept going back to my girl's room, but doing so lead me to the realization that she was in reality a witch. The reason she was still sleeping so long was to stay dormant and gather her strength for the weird ritual she had planned for our dinner. Once I accidentally woke her early and I could see the four elements shifting around where her pupils should have been.

I remember a little bit of the dinner scene, but not a lot. Witches/demons were represented by puppets randomly, but only I seemed to be able to see who they really were. I was trying in vain to warn my friends without upsetting my witch girlfriend when I woke up. I had a good time with this dream, it remained pretty lighthearted overall and there were some interesting setpieces and themes. I'll give it an 8/10.
227 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-08 22:59
I was staying temporarily at some kind of a dormitory with a shared kitchen and rec rooms and so forth, but one-person bedrooms. The other nine people there are attractive young women of various descriptions, sharing a trait of seemingly trying to low-key get in my pants because the world has run out of men or some silly reason like that. Later in the dream I'm alone in someone's bedroom (possibly my own) with one of said young women sitting on the bed; I scoot myself over and go "urf" with effort, and then explain that I'm not talking about "your" F (for respects). She forces a laugh, then unzips my dick.
228 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-11 14:04
I dre3amed that I was sleeping in a bunk bed when a high school band started rehearsing near me. I think my perch was actually in a gym. From my elevated spot, I was seeing some strange things. On top of a podium thing that ws part of their setup, three or four high schoolers were completely naked and fucking each other with abandon. I watched with a bewildered erection until the band finished and left the building.

Later the dream became much more exploratory. I went around the building with my friends from work, and we came to find that besides the gym section there was also a large, fancy hotel attached. Later our own high school band that we taught(? It was unclear) showed up to perform, but we left in case kids started fucking again. At some point we traveled down a large backwoods road for a while. I remember seeing a "ghost" school bus that seemed to hover on the road and later traveled across a river. I think I woke up a little after that strange event.
229 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-17 12:10
I was walking around some weird college campus when a fight broke out. I ran in the middle to stop them and then played counselor for a while. Later I was alonebon a different part of this mystery campus when I was approached by a man. He gave me a very sloppy blowjob, much to my dismay. Afterwards he said "oh yeah, I have AIDS." I woke up confused and distraught.
230 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-20 16:28
A tall figure with a golden mask led me among the dead as through a wedding celebration. I heard many voices, but no lips moved. I strained to breathe, but my chest didn't move. The tall figure spoke with each figure as he passed among them, laughing and joking, as if they were alive, but they made no reply. I tried to cry out, but without breath, my tongue fluttered in vain.
231 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-01 14:14
I was in a strange college that I think was supposed to be Temple University. There were a lot of soft girls in attendance , but I didn't trust my dream logic enough to try anything lewd. I ended up exploring a lot of the dream campus, which led to several very interesting set pieces. One highlight was meeting the cute girl who's not my girlfriend in this huge alien-looking greenhouse to eat lunch and figure out where we were. Later, within the same dream world I believe, I dreamt that an old friend came to my city and we threw a huge party. The drunk and high physics were very realistic, and my dream representations of friends were spot-on. I told them about my strange trip to Temple, then we went out to hit the bars. Along the way even more of my old friends were seen on the streets, as well as a couple old adversaries that me and my friends bullied relentlessly as we passed them. The dream concluded as the sun started to rise, with my city friends saying goodbye to my older friend and all of us planning on leaving the bar. Overall great fun was had in this one, it really felt like a victory lap that put a bookend on yesterday's events nicely.
232 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-21 13:00
There are a lot of events I forget. I remember that at one point, I biked to some building in search of a job or a class. I met a beautiful girl there and we tried to go to WaWa, but then she asked me to go get something from my bike for her. On the way there I was ambushed by a UFO, and there was a long and dramatic scene of me trying to run from it while both the girl and an anime father figure character tried to convince me to let it happen. I was eventually beamed up, and while I was up there they gave me some cash for WaWa. I saw the face of the aliens, and they were cool so we shook hands, and eventually they dropped me off at my location.

The WaWa attendants were fucking assholes and for some reason had a problem with every single order I tried to make. More cute girls and my cute girl from earlier in the dream looked on and made jokes while I argued over what I "really" wanted on my hoagie, and then I woke up. I know there was more to the dream that I've forgotten, but even this little bit was pretty fun to go through.
233 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-22 11:25
I was on an expedition in some kind of abandoned submarine with an intrepid and cute girl. It was very intense and honestly scary, as to get from one part of the ship to the other took a lot of careful climbing and maneuvering. Eventually, we made it to the command room, and we saw the hatch that we thought was our way out. After risking our necks getting to it we finally bashed it open to reveal that we were in a huge oil drilling facility. When we got to the surface, armed men burst out and surrounded us and there was a really bullshit plot twist. It turned out that we were in Outer Heaven and the ancient sub was picked up by them while we were inside because they wanted to take its nukes.

The dream did a fakeout transition where all of those previous events turned out to be part of a movie or something. I was with my buddies, and we discussed how intense the hatch scene in that film was for a while. Eventually we went to our workplace and things got super surreal. There was this whole alien invasion that Outer Heaven started fighting while we wored, and later I tried to go to the bathroom and had to have a fight to the death with two rapists who were lurking in there. My boss then promptly complained about the corpses in the bathroom, and I think I was in the process of getting laid off when I awoke.
234 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-22 13:29
My dream was a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic Kowloon-like hi-tech police-corporate-ancap state that was surrounded from the infected, abandoned, and destroyed world by a huge wall like in Ergo Proxy. But it was a cube in a way and almost with no windows. The outer world was dark and brown-sanded desert with constant sandstorms and unhealthy oxygen. I was like a poor kid whose parents just have died from cancer in the sewer areas, and so, I became something of the Mirrors Edge runner but with the objections to steal somebody's stuff or assassinate them. A creepy lady gave me such directions from my pocket radio. I often had to run through narrow uninhabited tunnels, lots of fashion shops, factories, populated streets, military check-up points, and ongoing building areas. Before my dream ended, I was surrounded by loads of robocop-style policemen and huge Titanfall war-robots. They all attacked me, but somehow, I managed to escape, showing off my acrobatic skills and slaughtering tons of enemies as well as just regular civilians.
235 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-23 09:22
I dreamtened that it was 1945 and at the end of WW2 a group of German soldiers who were developing a new super weapon (an energy laser chaingun) took it with them to a beer hall somewhere in Bavaria to hide it from the allies. Below it was a secret command post and paramilitary operation office in which they would use to operate from past the war and hide the weapon.

In the chaotic final days of the Reich, an elderly local man of the town walked past the soldiers and saw the weapon resting on the bench in front of the beer hall. He decided to try to lift it up, but when he does, the weapon splits in half revealing a secret opening and the ground he is standing on slides into the opening and down under the beer hall along with the whole ground floor. He pretends to not know what he has done and proceeds to pick up one of the wine bottles on one of the tables. A young officer rushes at him from behind a glass wall in the back and asks him if he knows what he has done. The old man says he wanted back one of the wine bottles from the party yesterday, and the young officer tells him to leave quickly and forget what he saw.

Fourty years later, in the mid-80s, I am "dating" a very rich young woman that looks like the hologram lady in Bladerunner 2049. We're in Spain or Protugal in a small town, sitting inside a small caféteria. She nags me about her difficult situation with her studies, but I counter-whine about not having money for my scientific projects. She tells me she can help with that, on one condition. She wants to find out something about her family's past involving a temple, and since I am young and has time, she wants to send me to find out what this is. I start to finger her pussy as we talk and it becomes all wet and puffy.

I am in an ancient Greek/Roman temple somewhere on a little island, and there are minotaurs that resemble centaurs chasing after me. They have orange glowing eyes and very strong glowing human arms extending from their upper bodies. One of them catches me running from a gate and pins me to a wall. apparently I manage to talk myself out of it and he tosses me into a chasm. I don't fall that far as right beneath is a throne I fall on. The room is very vast and vertically steep. There is a blue fat Buddha-like boy trying to climb up the steep walls to get to the thone. I can see that below him is an exit to the shore, so I start climbing down. As I do, I accidentally hit him and he falls and breaks into pieces. He is still alive, but curses me for not being able to climb up to reach the throne.

When I get outside I am back in 1945, or the remnants of the secret German paramilitary division is just there, and they start a very Indiana Jones-like chase after me through the island. On one truck they have the secret chaingun, and they use it to fire at me. I don't remember much this part but I somehow manage to escape and get away. I return to the caféteria and to the rich young lady to finger her pussy some more while she is resting on top of her older sister who is over two meters tall and a little paler than her.
236 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-24 21:40
I went to a movie theater with my friends and a soft girl that I used to bone. We got about halfway through the film before someone yelled, "wait a minute, should we be here with that virus?" and then everyone freaked out and the movie theater had to call an intermission. When we returned, everyone was still there, and I had trouble returning to my original seat. Also at some point a cute girl that my dream had generated switched places with the soft girl from the real world, but I didn't seem to realize that until after I awoke.
237 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-27 12:25
In my first dream, I was riding in the back seat of my sister's car with my my mother. Everything I dislike about my sister was amplified, and she was driving terribly. In an instant, everything started going wrong, and there were a multitude of car crashes around us. She lost a couple wheels in the process. Just when it seemed that we were in the clear, a car smashed into us from my side, and I quickly woke up as flames engulfed the car. IRL I noticed I was very sore in my hip/leg on the side that was hit by the car--I'm unsure if I slept weirdly, if my cat did something as I slept, or if this was some psychological effect caused by the bad yume.

The second dream was much more enjoyable. I was in a big city/college town and many of my friends were there. I met with several of them in my journey around town, and we all caught up and played instruments together. An aggressively cute girl from the real world appeared soon after, and we went out for lunch. Later, I returned to a building that was some cross between my current apartment and an old dorm that I used to live in. My window now had a clear view of all the warm weather merriment happening around campus, and I used my binoculars to ogle soft girls playing sports, picnicking, and doing wheelies on motorcycles for some reason. I was cooking breakfast with a few more friends when I awoke, feeling much more well-rested than before. The first dream scored low but this one was a 10, so I'll average it out and give tonight's dreamscore an 8/10.
238 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-29 14:59
I have had so many dreams about fingering pussy lately I wonder if it is my girlfriend that moves my hand during my sleep or something. Even tonight I dreamt I fingered pussy.
239 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-29 16:12
I have tried a new method of air deprivation which may get you high yesterday evening, and it made me fall on the ground in convulsions, destroy my furniture, and really badly hurt my body in multiple places. I was simply unconscious, and you may say that I was dreaming. It was a pitch black darkness that I saw while being in this state, and as I knocked out my lamp, I woke up in darkness of my room and was scared like hell. I could easily bite my tongue or scratch out my eyes this way -- I'm very very very lucky. Never gonna try such crap again.
240 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-31 12:07
There were a few disconnected dreams that I can remember. In the main one, it was like a weird mix between Gundam and WWII, and I was a mobile suit pilot who also led a small group of infantry. We fought the Axis in a city that looked like a map from Earth Defense Force, and then eventually we came to a ceasefire with our opponents and had peace.

In another dream, I was walking around when a soft girl from my past walked up to me. We started to converse and with zero context she said "Yeah, you're just like fundamentally ugly. Like you're just ugly, and that's okay, but like yeah you're ugly." Unsure how to process this information, I just talked with her a little more and woke up. Maybe that was my subconscious trying to make a point.
241 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-01 06:51
I have some green-coloured PCI soundcard with onboard FM synth and some code to write to its ports..

I dreamed I bought a 2nd, red card, of similar nature and that I had to modify the code to allow simultaneously writing to multiple cards.
242 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-11 13:01
I woke up too fast and forgot a lot of it, but I distinctly remember one part of the dream. I was in a city and I mugged a man in broad daylight with two accomplices while wearing clown disguises. We got away with it and were soon quickly walking toward the train tracks on the edge of town to dodge the police. I remember voicing disappointment at the fact that we just committed such an involved crime for only 12 dollars, but we were still in good spirits. There was another dream sequence that had something to do with the video games I've been playing recently, but I can't recall most of it.
243 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-15 06:55
After a day of being particularly full of myself and struggling to fall asleep as I looked back on that, I had a pretty humbling dream.
I dreamt that someone had become a famous streamer using my exact name. It was on purpose; he was some eccentric, super-ironic guy who doesn't like my guts, and constantly referenced me, the "real" me.
This resulted in people mistaking me for him, both on purpose and not. Some people would message me saying "that last stream was hilarious!" and others would just fuck with me by saying similar stuff but alluding to the fact that I'm not the streamer guy and they would hate to be in my shoes.

Doesn't sound so bad, I know. But after realizing that I was being a piece of shit to the people around me yesterday, I took it as my brain trying to teach me a lesson.
244 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-16 07:48
I woke into the dream in my apartment in the early morning. I was getting ready for some kind of big trip, I think, and a lot of my roommates and old companions were around. As I shat in the bathroom, a gay guy from my apartment complex walked in. I made a big to-do of screaming and acting surprised when he entered but quickly stopped when he didn't immediately leave. "You don't have to act like that," he said, and I apologized and bullshitted some excuse. Later on in my dream I had the epiphany that this was very indirectly trying to bring my sexuality into question, but at the time I was oblivious. As I continued shitting and washing up more guys walked in and out to casually converse with me, usually people I knew closely. Through talking with these guys in this strangely intimate setting I pieced together that we were going on some plane trip, I believe to the Caribbean. It was very comfy, and I was getting excited at the prospect of sharing a plane with all these good friends.

I went to take a nap as other friends went into the bathroom to wash up. I dream slept and dream woke into the same environment, but all my friends were in the other room or otherwise missing and my father was present, holding a camera. On my laptop was camera footage of me screaming, crying and hitting things. It was somehow live and not at the same time, maybe showing what I looked/felt like under the surface? He told me "son, we need to talk," and started going on a spiel about how the way I was living was wrong and how he had come to change things. I looked over at my closet and saw that he had rearranged my belongings in my closet terribly, obviously stacking things he perceived as a mess in such a way that when I went to fix them, they would all collapse, humiliating me. I took great offense to this, and started arguing with him aggressively and angrily. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" was my opening line, I remember. At some point early on he was trying to wave off my complaints and walk away. I stood up to keep arguing, only to realize that my perspective had shifted and that he was now suddenly much taller than me. Soon he was really looming over me, saying the same things he said when I was a child. Within the dream everything seemed to click for me and I knew in that instant exactly what all the dream was trying to do, and I decided I was sick of its shit. I stood up on the mat I'd been dream sleeping on, and the scale started to shift until I was taller again. "EVERY MAN DESERVES TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE IN HIS OWN FUCKING HOME," I screamed, pointing at my closet, "AND HIS HOME, HOWEVER SHITTY IT MAY BE, IS HIS HOME, AND HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO LIVE IN HIS OWN FUCKING HOME HOW HE SEES FIT!" I went on further but my father, now much shorter than before, wordlessly walked out of my bedroom. I chased after him screaming more of my ideals, but I started waking up. Before I completely exited the dream my IRL self was sleep talking, and I heard myself say "You never did fucking listen, you say what you fucking want and you pretend to, but you never did.."

It all clicked while I was still in the dream, and upon waking up I didn't move for a minute trying to remember everything and let the messages sink in. I felt very emotional in the first few minutes after waking, but once that was internalized and allowed to subside, I just felt a little indignant and pissed. I really confronted deep-seeded traumas and insecurities, embraced my chosen lifestyle and defended my validity as a man after staying up late watching "Is Tails in love with Sonic???" theory videos on youtube. Overall 10/10 dream with a relatively happy ending, and it probably meant a lot for my IRL character development, but I'd be happy if I didn't have one like it again, as it was very emotionally taxing towards the end.
245 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-23 08:39
The I dreamtening that I was playing the role of my younger self for an advertisement set in the 1970s about the KFC (Kentucky Fried Cinema), which is a cinema that only serves KFC and does so at two breaks during the film.

We were a bunch of young bois going to see a movie and were instructed to go and get some KFC at the earliest opportunity, and make a big number out of it so that it would seem genuine and all that. I tried jumping in the staircase on the way up to the KFConcessions stand inside, but due to long lines we had to wait in line from the outside of the building. When it eventually was m turn they only had hotdogs and I was disappointed since I wanted KFC.
246 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-02 08:56
I don't remember much of my dream, just that at one point I was naked, looked down, and saw that half of my stomach was hairy while the other half was smooth. Two halves split perfectly down the middle, basically.

For context, I shaved my whole body yesterday.
247 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-07 13:26
I was acting in some kind of film. There were a lot of weird supernatural things happening to the globe, and I was helicoptered in to North Korea to meet with Kim Jung whoever the last one was in order to get him to join an alliance to save the world. Immediately upon landing, Kim kissed me full on the mouth and asked me to retire with him. I was playing a suave laid-back spy, and my character laughed it off and suggested that we do it later. Then Hitller was there among Kim's personal staff, and this was apparently a big revelation in the film because I was supposed to go to the basement and contact my superiors about it. In the basement there was some weird cult shit going on in one half, and a large bed in the other. There I ran into a girl who looked a lot like Katsuragi if she was 3D, and we almost immediately started sexing. This was still all within the script, and when the scene ended I got up to head upstairs for the next scene. The Katsuragi look-alike grabbed my arm, though, and pulled me back. She demanded that I fuck her again before we go to the next scene.I needed little convincing, and we soon started fuckening once more, but in the middle of foreplay she unzipped dick and pushed my head down on it. I tried my best to suck female penis but did a subpar job, and woke up before doing much else.
248 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-16 06:30
I was working in an embassy and we were talking about how to improve political relations with North Korea.
I can't remember what I suggested, but apparently it was such a good idea that they voted to directly involve me with the diplomatic mission, which was to hang out with Kim Yo-jong (Kim Jong-un's sister) who apparently was a chancellor in my dream world.

So I head to the airport to meet up with Yo-jong to fly back with her to North Korea. It's surprisingly devoid of people, and there's NO security around her. When I spot her, I simply wave hello to her, and she says something in Korean which I don't understand.
She then starts walking through the airport, and I just follow behind cluelessly.
Eventually, after a lot of walking, we make it out to the runway. I see a comically big, black plane which looks like it's made out of rubber straight ahead, which I assume is ours, but it takes off as we're about halfway to it. It goes at a speed so fast that it felt like someone hacked my brain and photoshopped an image of that plane in and then just shrunk it. Yo-jong was completely unfazed by this event.

Anyway, just a bit further ahead and to the right is our actual plane. As we're getting there, I end up walking slightly too close to Yo-jung without meaning to, and quickly back off thinking she might take offense or her security (which has to be SOMEWHERE) might view me as a threat.
We board the plane and get our seats; hers is on the left side of the plane, middle seat, and mine is on the same row of course, just to the right of hers. Strangely enough, the plane is packed, even though the airport was empty!
The plane takes off and not much happens for a while until the stewardesses come and give everyone their lunches, which is what they called a full Swedish MRE set. I'm not sure what was supposed to be Swedish about it when it only consisted of a small packet (yes, packet) of salad, 3 different cups of coffee, and some weird deep-fried fish that was more batter than actual fish.

We have our food in quiet, and I'm getting comfy, but adjusting my pillow a lot. Yo-jung says something in Korean which I again don't understand, but I throw a question at her based on her tone: "Do you not like sitting next to me?" and she replies with what sounds like a Japanese expression, which I DO understand. It more or less translates to "There are pros and cons to it" which I just interpreted to mean it's okay overall.
For whatever reason, hearing her say it wasn't straight-up BAD sitting next to me made me really happy in the dream, even though in real life I'd probably just have forced myself to sit dead still so as to not potentially offend her.

That's all I remember. Knowing my dreams, we'd probably end up watching anime and having sex once we arrived in North Korea.
249 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-17 13:11
Me and a few friends had somehow gotten tied up in local gang violence. I was the only one who had a gun, this pistol with a really large magazine. The dream actually continued continuity from a dream I had many years ago with a similar premise.

After a shootout that led to the death of a cop I thought I was going to get arrested, but it seems like my escape was better than expected. I mourned the cop for a bit but eventually went back to doing gang shit with my friends. Some shootouts and robberies later, I was low on ammo but a friend wanted me on a drug deal he was planning. I took the motorcycle that I now somehow had and drove to my apartment complex, which now had an extra building attached to it. This was where the Greil Mercenaries from that one Fire Emblem game stayed, and just like my dream from middle school, I was a member of their family-esque group. I met with all my favorites and dealt out hugs before finding the leader, who I guess was also my father so maybe my dream avatar was really Ike. After dancing around the real reason I visited I eventually mentioned that I needed to buy some ammunition. Greil was very supportive and went upstairs to dish out some supplies for me. After more merriment I was ready to go shoot more people, but I woke up.
250 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-19 16:53
Michael J. Fox sits in the back seat of a 1980s era broken-down 202Xiverse futuremobile, ordering street food from the Chinese oba-chan in the driver's seat. He's deliberating what to have. She smiles gently and offers a suggestion in a perfectly understandable English-Cantonese pidgin. "Yeah, I feel like sesame would help me today," he says, which flips a switch in the old woman in the front. Her eyes lose their warmth, yet her expression does not change. He lurches up, scrambling for the door handle, but then notices a gentle girl in the reflection of one of the mirrored fragments decorating the interior around him. "Is that-- is that Hana-chan?" he blurts, almost forgetting his urgency. The old woman's face grows a fraction of concentration. Another reflection. "Natsuki? No way!" A late-20s woman appears to sit next to Hana-chan. They share a sweet aura, a calming blankness. They do not smile. Michael no longer wants to leave. The old woman in the front relaxes and turns forward, the windows darken, and Michael's seat lowers him into the mechanism below. He doesn't care, but it wouldn't matter for long if he did.
251 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-24 06:43
I dreamt that I got warned and had some of my posts deleted here on SAoVQ for posting too much lewd content.
Really weird metadream.
252 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-24 12:03
There were other events that I don't remember clearly, but I do remember a wake n fake where I got up and saw that everything had reopened. All of my hottest neighbors had returned, and I saw one of them down in the parking lot who wanted me to come down and help her move back in. I was planning a spree of party visits, all of which involved one lewd reunion or another, and I was just about to get out of bed when I woke up for real.
253 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-25 14:00
I was sent into the distant future where 99.9% of the human population had been replaced by bioroids or something. They were all carbon copies of real people who had lived in my era, and the world was basically the same except "but they're robots." When I arrived in the future I guess I replaced my own bioroid with my fully human self. After wandering around I met one who knew "me" and caught me up on world events. Apparently the remaining human population was extremely violent and prejudiced against their cyborg-ish fellow man. We talked for a while, bought some pastries, and later on we did some pyro magic together on the lawn of a large company building. Overall a very comfortable dream, I enjoyed exploring the setting with my dream robot friend, 9/10.
254 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-28 13:06
I was trying to go to the liquor store but my cat needed some exercise, so I decided to take her with me. Dream logic made some pretty interesting things happen with the physics. In order to get her past the cashier, I dressed her in my clothes and a hoodie, and when I did that she was suddenly half my height or more and could walk on her back legs. With this disguise I pretended she was my kid or something, held her front paw and successfully walked to the store and back. Later, I had another "cat" that was literally just a neko girl, and the two of us went to do the same thing. She was very hot and flirted with me the entire time, but the dream logic telling me she was my pet kept me from getting lewd..

A second dream featured Will Smith as a member of a small Navy team that went underground beneath an ice mountain and had to fight what seemed to be a mix between the Covenant and the Combine. I was one of the other team members. Our commanding officer died pretty quickly, and I woke up while the rest of us were piling into a Warthog to try and fight our way to the surface.

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