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[YUME] Post in here every time you remember your dream [SIGNS]

99 Name: VIPPER 2018-02-08 23:34
I dreamted that I was watching porn on a laptop with a girl. It was called Huwalden and was about a cute young girl with short light hair that sucked off a hairy cock. Presumably her boyfriend's. This porno was also reviewed in great detail by a pulp magazine that laid on the table. The author was a young goth woman who praised it. I wanted to download it so we could watch it offline in case the rip got taken down but I could only find fake versions and some Japanese sidescrolling shooter with the same name.

Now we went to Japan and I wanted to go to a love hotel to act out the porn there as supposedly it was made in a love hotel in Japan. I met a cosplayer who was at a financiak convention that invited us to the same hotel but it was trashed by the cosplayer's pimp which I read about in the aforementioned pulp magazine.

After involving the local police and the clean-up crew I hoped to get the two girl with me in a room for a threesome but the reparations dragged out abd we got served food and then I woke up.

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