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CTRL+V cringe from elsewhere on the internet thread [BY POPULAR DEMAND]

101 Name: VIPPER 2018-10-21 00:20
Assuming this actually happened, OP?

Get a bladed instrument (I prefer those with a blade 4-5 inches in length). Then, use that to open up this fellow's ribcage. Make a very close and thorough examinations of his organs. If you see a second pair of lungs, drag his corpse out back and burn it.

Nobody who likes FATAL is human. Humanity has done some fucked-up shit, but nobody can like FATAL and be human.
102 Name: VIPPER 2018-10-22 23:03
"But wait... What about the rest of the lyrics"

"... Mufucker why you gotta be so goddamn picky"

"Well the fuck we supposed to do, say Jungle Boogie like 50 times while fucking Malcolm growls like he's got a loofah in his pants"

"... YEAH"

"... This is the worst band ever"
103 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-04 19:40
Cool animals. Plus their hands make great ash trays.
104 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-05 18:57
they moo-ved on
105 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-07 17:36
When you smell like his colon ❤️
106 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-11 03:17
107 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-13 17:39
They say "Today in Israel" but to some people, it is Pakistan
108 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-13 18:05
wow I was confused I reading "peeing on an apple"
109 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-16 01:27
Yeah, like, invisible objects in general is really strong, but poop smells really bad. So you could go to a bad guy's house and just hide invisible poop everywhere and they couldn't do anything about it.
110 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-16 16:44
It may or may not have helped that a course with overlapping appeal, Human Sexuality, was discontinued some years back after its professor presided over a demonstration of something called a fucksaw.
111 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-17 01:23
My dog used to lick his penis. Still does but he used to aswell
112 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-20 17:21
113 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-20 18:14
Hey, he likely pissed himself when he died (loss of bladder control) so by now some of his piss at least has probably made it to the Pacific
114 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-21 18:13
I used to really think about this in hopes of creating the optimal meme to upset faggots. The trigger to all triggers if you will. Among /u/ndesirables, closet faggots who like dickgirls, open faggots who like dick, pedophiles, all degenerates with highly disturbing preferences, seem to have common denominators of what aesthetic and what motifs deeply disturb them. The clear area of their discomfort seems to be centered around tall, well-endowed, well-fed and mature, but not elderly mother figures. Aras clearly go in that direction. Another trend of the same kind are the mods on half/d/. They will allow anything, absolutely anything. No fetish is ever depraved enough to upset them, nothing is ever so bad they draw a line. Nothing actually disturbs them, except one thing. There was one fetish that gets them really riled up and with which they jumped at every opportunity to get rid of it that they could. Women growing dicks, women melting, women getting disassembled, maybe their appendages replaced with machinery, women getting 'built' into breeding or julaying facilities, women getting flattened, anything goes. There is one thing that won't go. Momdom. Sort of /ss/, not always /ss/, but always with heavy emphasis on fetishising motherhood, dependance on the mother figure and a large-woman-small-man power dynamic. There were endless episodes of mods looking for flimsy excuses to ban it, to the point where they banned other shit that had nothing to do with it, just to get rid of cocks relating to that one fetish.

So what is it with disease-ridden husks and this deep fear or disgust for the maternal and for woTranny forms? How can it be instrumentalized? Sometimes I feel that, if the right kind of format, fetish or taste could be found, exposing them to enough of it could reroute them into reverting back into being straight. My original theory when noticing this trend was actually, that they could feel themselves reverting to being straight and that the anger and other erratic responses were them being made insecure about their sexuality when faced with material that arouses them but shouldn't arouse them in their minds. As in getting a boner from looking at a woman putting them through an existential crisis.

Once the golden spot has been found, the magic formula to cure a man's brain, things would change. A lot.
115 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-26 21:30
Harambe chopped that chick to death then came over to the U.S and became the zodiac killer. Solved it!
116 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-28 21:44
oh no culture is degenerate because people enjoy themselves, let's go back to medival times when people were pure
117 Name: VIPPER 2018-11-30 00:35
awesome.....fake,reuter.telegraph.cnbc,fox,,france24,,,new york times...western
118 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-04 01:14

Am a 19 year old boi n i eject a lot of semen from my penis without having sex.... i am so much addicted to this before going to sleep i do it... i jus think about sumthing of sex dis n dat n eject semen... i cant stop doing this!! I wanna stop Ejecting
Plz help me!! is there any harm also??? Plz Help meeeeee
Plz Help meeeeee Plz Help meeeeee Plz Help meeeeee Plz Help meeeeee Plz Help meeeeee Plz Help meeeeee!!!!
119 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-05 13:25
I have been wondering. I plan on purchasing a love doll, I was thinking about DS Dolls and their 145cm NinaE doll as she has a cute face and pretty long elven ears. I like her pale skin and youthful appearance. Do you think dressing her up in cute clothes like a nice warm cozy woolen sweater with comfy woolen tights and a pretty little cross necklace and cuddling with her as I'm playing videogames and watching anime will be as fulfilling as having a real human companion?

I am really fond of the idea because unlike a real living person she wouldn't have her own goals, ambitions and expectations from life, her entire existence would be just to make me happy. That sounds really nice. However I'm not so sure whether it's a long-term sustainable form of existence.

What do you guys think?
120 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-06 15:12
I finally did it. I intentionally drank my own semen. I thought cumming into a glass was going to be a less wasteful solution than using tissues. Since I've been curious about the taste of my own cum, I was tempted to taste it after using the glass, but always backed out because of the smell.

Today I did it. It was for the most part salty, slightly sweet and the aroma was surprisingly mild even though not very pleasant. Before I tried it I considered making a habit out of it to recycle nutrients, but even if it's not revolting I don't think it's worth it.

I'm currently living alone so I can get away with it. I drink a lot of water so I piss a lot, 10+ times a day. And when I wake up during the night it's a lot easier to stand up and piss in a bottle right beside my bed than walk out to the bathroom, which would me wake up if my sleep pattern is shit. There's also the bathroom being super cold during the Winter.

The main appeal though is how liberating it is. I'm not a psychopath and wouldn't steal from a local small business, but if I could get away with it I'd be stealing from Tesco every chance I get. That's the mindset I have. It's reaping the only benefits of being a robot I can get. If I wasn't too anxiety-ridden I'd happily collect NEETbux and try maximize what I can get from the state. If we know we're never going to win the game of life, get friends, a job, have a family, I feel like we should be making the best of our situation. Even if it's being a disgusting pissbottle creature, it's a silent 'fuck you' to social order.

I'm giving up piss bottles myself now though because it was becoming progressively disgusting anyway, and this drove me over the edge.
121 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-08 03:55
Afro cuban jazz.
I have recently discovered it brings me great pleasure, but I feel very softened and even gility. This is music from black people and commies, it sometimes feels like playing the Sims with music for women... and maybe too repetitive, but I enjoy it and lifts my mood... maybe like musical marihuana...
Discuss, is this really good and aesthetic music, or it is pleb latin pop music?
122 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-17 18:19
I kinda thought the two JESUS and MOHAMMAD expansion packs were kinda underwhelming myself. Especially with later patches of the JESUS expansion preventing you from installing MOHAMMAD
123 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-17 22:25
Dec. 17, 2018
A previous Web summary of this story that appeared on the homepage incorrectly reported the title of Joshua Harris's book as I Killed Dating Goodbye. In fact, the title is I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Additionally, we incorrectly referred to tenants instead of tenets when quoting Lyz Lenz.
124 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-19 03:27
Last night I posted about the term “domain driven design,” frequently abbreviated “DDD” - which is a common large bra measurement in the US, & often part of dirty movie titles.

I’ve deleted the thread. And replaced it with this one!

Having a softcore porn reference in the software field is still problematic, whether or not the creator intended it. And it’s hard to imagine that I’m the first one to point it out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But maybe I am the first one to point it out. Let’s assume so for now. I got a really interesting range of responses, including:

* He didn’t mean it that way (irrelevant to harm caused)
* It’s too much of a stretch (basically “works on my machine”)

Other common responses:

* Why are you so disrespectful (tone policing & irrelevant to harm caused)
* Why is everybody so offended by everything these days (aka “I need 101-level inclusion handholding”)

What’s most fascinating about the deleted thread for me (and don’t worry, I have screenshots later so you can see why) was that I got hundreds of extremely emotional responses very quickly.

I had no goal with the original tweet, other than to incredulously point out that a concept called “DDD” actually existed in software. All the responses I got, though, were pushback. (Types enumerated above.)

The way I pointed it out was crude. I was a bit angry that it still existed. It’s exclusionary in the same way as the word “craftsmanship,” albeit less obvious. And in this day & age, only people with active intent to exclude use words like that.

That was precisely the sticking point, I think - my assumption that everyone who uses exclusionary language is aware of it.

I guess I’m luckier than I thought to be around thoughtful folks who have dropped “master/slave” from their discussions database replication, & “craftsmanship” from their discussions of quality.

But the key point, which I said over & over last night & nobody seemed to get, is that people who use exclusionary language in tech have the same negative impact, _whether or not they intend to exclude._

It’s the impact that ultimately matters. NOT the intentions.

In my original tweet, I indicated that I thought the creator knew what DDD stood for, and left it anyway. That would constitute intentional exclusion.

And people really couldn’t get past that. All they did was argue with me about intent.

It’s an interesting statement on where we are as a community. We’ve got a loooooooooong way to go.

Ultimately I decided my original tweet wasn’t helping, because it led people towards arguing about the wrong thing. I want us to focus on the impact. That’s why I deleted it.

To be clear, I did NOT delete the thread because I changed my mind. This is still problematic, and it’s still hard to believe I’m the first to point it out.

The tone-policing I got was still irrelevant and out of line.

People from marginalized groups who notice exclusionary behavior are allowed to be angry about it. As an industry, we need to get more comfortable with their anger.

If we require all members of marginalized groups to be calm when discussing their oppression, we will never make real progress.

As members of majority groups, we have the responsibility to figure out what they’re trying to tell us with their anger, so we can work on it.

It’s hard to do. But it’s important. Sadly I didn’t see any of that last night.

I’m very disappointed. I really thought we were better at this. But oh well - it’s a new day! We can try again.

Here’s my original tweet, which I deleted in favor of this thread.

I’m still angry. Let’s be clear about that. The name is still exclusionary (and as majority group members, you don’t get to argue with that).

Things that are completely irrelevant here include:

* whether you personally thought of it
* whether it personally bothers you
* whether it personally bothers women who are involved in the concept

When someone from a marginalized group tells you something is problematic, and is having a negative impact, you don’t fucking argue that the impact is too small to be relevant. (Which is what all of the above are saying.)

You just don’t. Unless you’re an asshole.

Y’all can fight this out amongst yourselves now. I’ve given you a valuable piece of information.

The quality of the character of the community will determine what happens now.

Based on responses so far, my money is on “nothing.” I’d love to be wrong.

Also I’m amused at the number of “YOU ARE HURTING ME BY IMPLYING IT’S PORN” responses.

Textbook gaslighting, fellas. That might have worked on me 10 years ago, but I’ve made a lot of progress since then. You, apparently, not so much.
125 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-19 22:41
How about a visual scene of a boyfriend, taking his love interest out on a date in a cemetery for a picnic, when a flying demon swoops down, mounts her and does the superman...while she wears a rather satisfied look from the act. And that was just in the very first scene.
126 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-23 02:13
i feel like at some point i've transferred to an alternate dimension where just endless weird shit happens, and I'm wondering how I get back to the normal one.
127 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-23 03:17
mike is garbage! Plus mike is the one that started the rumor about having a large cock!
128 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-25 16:01
Remember that in-game it'd be vertically stretched 20%. Raw sprites are always thicc.
129 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-27 09:53
130 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-02 09:40
Guys, I just realized something. When I marry Suika how are we supposed to sleep together? If she sleeps on her back her horns could stab me in the night. If she sleeps on her stomach the same could happen. She can't sleep on her side.

I honestly think the only way we could sleep together is if I sleep sitting up by leaning against a tree, she sits on my lap leaning against me. I rest my chin on the top of her head. I am worried that my legs will go to sleep if she sits on my lap. And when I get night wood what if she drunkenly shifts suddenly and breaks it. I knew a guy that broke his dick and it was not cool. As soon as it healed enough he tried to have sex with his old lady and it broke again. Well they were both on meth and she was a really fat bitch who was ridding cowgirl.
131 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-04 17:24
Too many monsters. You step outside and immediately get fucked in the ass by hordes of shit, and they make it lag worse than the map itself. And even without them, the whole thing's one of those maze-like mindfuck maps where you have no idea where to go. I really like the atmosphere and the ideas it presents, but God damn it this thing unplayable!
132 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-06 03:56
Yes. That's my personal purpose for wizardhood. I'd decide to complete this ritual in a heartbeat. The only downside is wondering if you're going to get prostate cancer, as masturbation (and regular ejaculation in general) has a protective effect against it.
133 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-07 22:08
That’s how I made my sister lose half her hair. Be careful. Hair WILL get tangled in the wheels. I still remember the beating that followed.
134 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-08 00:41
Just let the guy have his dog. Maybe he lives on a farm. Maybe he’s a breeder. Maybe he fights his dogs so they need to be aggressive.
135 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-09 02:33
2 years ago back in 2016,I have created this idea for Action First Person Shooter game while back in 2017 in it development calling game "Planet". It take couple or more years making happened plus learning about making a video game like programming,music,gameplay,engine, writing and mostly everything to very details. Already laying out everything story,character and almost everything how got prefect Developers and Publishers. People Can Fly (Developers of Painkiller,Gears of War:Judgment and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition) and MachineGames (Developers of Wolfenstein) also Certain Affinity . With Bethesda ( published games like Doom,The Elder Scrolls,Fallout,Rage,Dishonored,The Evil Within and Prey). Also got voice cast members are prefect Matthew Mercer,Nika Futterman,Lucie Pohl,Alesia Glidewell,Me (also as addition voice,one of co writer,director,beta tester and executive prouder) and few voices needing to cast in game. Gameplay be mix of old schools (Doom,Wolfenstein 3D,Quake,Duke Nukem 3D,Serious Sam and Shadow Warrior) and modern (Bulletstorm,F.E.A.R.Halo,The Darkness,Crysis and Black) similar to 2016 reboot of DOOM,Painkiller,Bulletstorm and Wolfsenstein,reason use Bethesda for they engine id Tech 6 or maybe id Tech 7 use for Planet wanting feel game more live with equipment,places like city or rainforest,characters and every detail in game,plus the kills melee system like in Doom "Glory Kill" or "Executions" from Gears of war like that. Noting more say about gameplay but still wanted to talk about it in future like at QuakeCon,PAX or E3 presentation about Planet

Now story well this bit interest to say,Fallen Warrior (as player) awaking up on battlecruiser starship it under attack some strange animals/demon's hybrid like rats or inflect humans like zombie,you gone up grab you're suit and weapons shooting though enemies on ship and helped the soldiers in fight. Then in half way in hallway you're greeted to mercenary pirate hunter (voice Matthew Mercer) offer to help to get off this ship but ship engine is destroyed by some bigger both of you crushing landing on "Durial" a apocalyptic hell hole filled with demon's hybrids call "infects" and mutant gang bandits call "Quasit" with planet population humanity civilization decreased 89% (remained humans are escaped from Durial or living underground). You (Play as Fallen Warrior) and Mercenary join together though this hell so call planet finding away off this world,but later met this female soldier (voice by Nika Futterman) officer them taking to her people behind this operating on Durial. All went to hell,Demons are ripped this parallel dimension to invade to taking over Durial and merged this world and rest of planets in solar system they own, Now Grimm Warrior wanting stop hell invasion . Plan change now it up to Grimm Warrior join by Soldier and Mercenary adventure thoughts cities,rainforest planets and even hell alone (that you). Enemies will bigger,challenging,brutal and rage. But you be even more worst and scared some enemies to hidden in where they from,doing that with some back up

Story sound familiar and it unoriginal (like PCF and Id other games not to name) but it was inspiration from not only games self as will also movies and novels as well like Planet of the apes,Predators,After Earth,Jurassic Park (there novel series before films) and Pitch Black give me idea and concept story for Planet. What do you guys think about my future game idea incredible is going hit with development by two amazing games developers one made gears of war and one reimagine/revision grandfather of all first person shooters all together give us a step grandson to Wolfenstein,Doom and Quake. Wanting a lore behind events and history like Durial not let you guys (gamers) felt confused what going on in world of Planet get concept lore in my head needing writing down and feasting whole thing out, alsoand who is Grimm Warrior (or prefer Fallen Knight) let say Planet have a tire in connection with Doom not saying they in share universe. But Grimm Warrior and Doom Slayer once knew each they will allies,enemies or who know? only time will tale. In like 10 or 11 years going make this game happened will turning into reality and will guys going love "Planet" going 9/10. It will having everything you guys love like from all you're old schools and new schools shooter's, it pay on that
136 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-16 21:24
Are there examples of Fascism in history? Yes. A few simple ones would be the Roman Catholic Church at some points in its history; such as during the time of Martin Luther when the church issued a Papal Hit on him for disagreeing asking about 95 things that bugged him about the church (not a demonetization of religion or the Catholic Church, but a true moment in their history).
137 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-19 07:46
If i am diddled by another sperg I'm either going to have to cap a fucker, or have said fucker hang themselves due to mental breakdown
138 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-24 17:49
I remember being a little kid in 1996 and playing Doom on my aunt's PC. I was about 5 years old at the time and had no idea how much influence this game would have. Dabbled a little bit in 2003-2004 but marijuana and jacking off to KaZaA porn quickly made me lose interest. Fill me in. I need some essentials. The bar for difficulty has been set way higher since Doom 2 and both Final Doom projects. PrBoom+ is my favorite source port! Just downloaded GZDoombuilder-Bugfix and have been reading tutorials on that too. Honestly, Brutal Doom got me back into it all, but I've moved on. Projectiles are cool and all, but we need some hitscan here and there. Still a great mod.
139 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-28 09:57
I mean, it's just a thing. The animal is small, your hands are fairly big in comparison. Sometimes when you pet, you don't mean to, but you just grab certain areas and its like, woops, my bad. Though I do like to jiggle her dangly fat that comes from her belly between her back legs. It's so cute when she runs how it just fwops back and forth.
140 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-30 13:45
this comment section has me balling my ass off in social studies
141 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-06 16:32
Some folks can barely afford to eat and buy books after that ridiculous tuition cost and now you are forcing them to waste even more money. Here's a thought: if you are going to force this pointless 2 factor shit, at least have the decency to provide the students with the necessary equipment. Stop screwing over poor people you actual fucking retards.
142 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-09 15:42
I first heard of this when someone posted a Google search result last night for “how to tell if you’re running jdk or jre” – this is a question to identify whether you’re using the Java Development Kit, or the Java Runtime Environment.

What it probably should not return is the suicide crisis helpline as the number one result. Or perhaps it should depending on what your level of Java immersion is.
143 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-09 17:52
Art isn't as easily to objectively value as something like exercise, it's complex. But that's why we have complex arguments about things. It's like, figure skating is inbetween being a sport and an art. People compete in it in the Olympics but you can't easily just value a performance like other sports with a single variable such as a time or a number of goals scored. It takes human judges who are well knowledged in the sport to try to maintain an objective evaluation of a subjective performance. Now, with all that said, are you telling me I'm as good as a figure skater as Kim Yu-Na? Of course not. And so it is with music, except it's even more complex and therefore, more subjective. But that doesn't mean that all performances are equally valuable.
144 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-09 21:07
I'd say we already know what's wrong in our comprehension of the universe : having two theories, one for the very big and one for the very small, and a kind of undefined no man's land between the two, bridged with whatever we can to explain what we can't entirely fit in either one, which is, as we understand it, maybe everything. It's either that or our universe is a simulation ran by a troll, and there is no way to find a clean universal theory of everything.
145 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-10 18:30
I love the term "domesticated" when applied to plants. It evokes images of ancient people taming a wild, bucking carrot.
146 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-11 00:46
THIS IS NOT A "BBC stereotype character. It's just a character who's black and has a big dick... :v
147 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-12 23:00
It's funny because this channel usually covers games so obscure, nobody who's under 40 or lives away from British Isle ever heard of them. At all. And Touhou has almost as much fan works as Sonic, though they're never as creepy.
148 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-15 23:39
I thought it said skinwalker vs fleshlight I’m dying
149 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-23 01:35
It was a very good tour - highly recommended. A better question might be why I decided to watch a dog getting its balls cut open.
150 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-24 03:26
wow that commercial would be taken as racist today. "oh a bunch of black people lining up for fried chicken? McDonalds is racist.
151 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-24 14:34
But many of you have argued that either a public rating system is not a sufficient way to get the information, or even more so, that I ought to form my own opinion and keep to it no matter what the public thinks. What do you think?
152 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-25 05:53
When butthole starts to bleed...
Take it out
Let her think it's over.
Put it back in the same hole and pound it harder.
153 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-25 13:09
I just have to mention that the smell of blood as a lubricant is extremely unsexy.
154 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-25 19:19
Idk why but the part where he opens the medicine cabinet to find a void, then finds the walking corpses replaced his bear soap dish with a brown swirly one, is killing me!
"So I took the soap dish and threw it into the void."

I can just see this in my mind and picture 5 minutes later some guy on the other end of the void get lobbed in the head by an ugly soap dish.
155 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-26 02:33
Worse than poop tho?
156 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-26 19:33
Please help me!This is act of terrorism in Japan!
Japan is famous for sloppy management of electromagnetic wave.
Japanese society Has become serious thing behind the scenes.
Electromagnetic wave is secret globally.
But some of Japanese capitalists abusing it that secret.
They slander Japan and Japanese people and other country(America and others), and attack and threaten civilian,suggest that murder,Threaten to kill,using electromagnetic wave all of them.
They are haughty terrorist with state power.

I know that they are so crazy. Because I have spent with them every day by policy.
They talk to me with communication all day and all year around!
They say
「Drop dead!」「I kill you」
「Kxxl Amexxcan army」
「Kxxl policemen」
「Kxxl child by running over」
「His Majesty the Emxxxor is here!(Tenxxxheika)」
「I kxxl Shi○zou Abe」
「We don`t have to take responsibility」
and the others・・・
They tell terrible things to me using some name of authority.

It seems like they are dissatisfied with society.They take it out on me.
They harass me when I living. In defecation and sex and dangerous work and bedtime and the others・・・
I think it`s a limit of a single person and the general public. It is so bad degree.

And they abusing child and animal using avatar(electromagnetic wave).Sometimes use violence on me with avatar.
And they playing pretend of homeless and handicapped person with avatar.
There are many people who don`t know the common sense in Japanese authorities.
They are shame of Japan,but I think that should not forgive their action for society.

Japan can`t take a cooperative attitude In the field of electromagnetic wave use.
Japan need the help of other countries.It is the reality.
Please spread the information.Please help japanese people and avatar.
Thank you for your cooperation. I wanna be free!!!!
Ichirou Matsushita

※Thess aaree Imagmation.I am afraid of Japanese government and Japanese law. I never know what the government will do next.
157 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-02 23:08
Believe me, I have absolutely no shame in being called gay for being enamored by beautiful women that happen to have penises. Some women have weird looking vaginas, other women have cute vaginas, and some women have cute little penises. I am attracted to all 3 categories of women, but especially the 3rd category, primarily, I think, because of their sheer scarcity. However, the reason I don't like to identify as gay is because I like to keep the meanings of my words clear and concise. I cannot be gay, and I mean really gay, if I am attracted to women, period. Gay men are attracted to men. That is the definition of being gay. You cannot change this just because some men, such as myself, like women with penises. And let me be clear here, a woman with a penis is not a man. And women can have penises. These two statements, I believe, are perfectly consistent. Do all men have penises? Obviously not. For example, some men can lose their genitalia in a terrible accident. But are these men with missing penises still men? Well, why don't you just ask them?

Now, are all people with penises men? Obviously not. And traps are an example of this. And as we would ask the men with missing genitalia whether they identify as men, we should ask the women with penises whether they identify as women. And a trap would say that she is in fact a woman, even with a penis.

Again, I have no problem with being called gay, except for the fact that that would be a false statement by definition. I am someone that likes to be as truthful as one can be, so I cannot admit to being gay for merely loving women with penises.

But sure, go ahead and call me gay if you wish. But I cannot just shamelessly identify as gay. For me to call myself gay would be an insult to the struggles of homosexuals throughout history all around the world. It would be akin to say Elizabeth Warren identifying as Native American just because she has high cheekbones. I am not as shameless as a politician.
158 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-04 16:06
Ani-Toonspiracy! Doom is a Doom WAD that made to spread the word about Mega-crossover project named Ani-Toonsipiracy!

Basic Game mechanics

this Doom WAD will like Warhammer 40k: Space Marine(in terms of combining Beat-em'up with shooter genres) as well Overwatch(in terms of slowly charging Ultimate moves that can recharge faster from defeating enemies), all characters can summons Pokemon(which can collect throughout levels) to help them fight. defeated enemies don't die(unless defeated by player characters that aren't morally opposed to killing people)

Playable characters(and their respective movesets and keybindings)

you play as set of characters(that you can switch individually anywhere on the game as long as they're within set you use) and here's the groups of characters you can use to play this Doom Mod(that you pick during start of game and you can't switch character groups later) where each characters got their unique abilities:

Group 1:

Sora: Left mouse button for Physical attacks with Keyblade, Right Mouse Button for Keyblade magic spells, mouse wheels for choosing specific spells: consists Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Curaga, Magnega, Graviga, Stopga, summoning, and drive form, Left shift button for Roll, Spacebar twice for double jump, E button for Deflect enemy projectile and hitscan attacks, and Q button for Trinity Limit plus(at least requires Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy have all of their ultimates charged together)
Riku: Left mouse button for Keyblade physical attack, Right mouse button for Dark magic powers(spells consists Dark fireballs, dark shield, and so on), Left Shift button for evasive jump(can combined with double jump), E button for Deflect, and Q button for dark form
Kairi: her move just like Sora, except she can't use anything she can found
Donald Duck: Left Mouse Button for cast spells, Right Mouse Button for physical attacks with his staff, mouse wheels for switching spells(consists Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Curaga, Aeroga, Graviga, Stopga, and Magnega), Left shift for Teleport, E Button for turn intangible(gains Invulnerability and noclipping at expense of attack moves). physically weaker than other KH crews, and much of his HP is barrier
Goofy: Left mouse button for physical attack with his shield, Right Mouse Button for Shield Throw, Left Shift button for defend with Shield, E Button for Deflect enemy projectiles and hitscans, Left Ctrl button for ground pound with Shield

Ash Ketchum: Left mouse Button for fire aura Powers(consists Aura Blast/sphere, Mind Control(take control of enemy mooks when used), Aura Lance, etc. powers choosen by mouse wheels), Right Mouse button for physical attacks(hits like Berserk punch and consists Martial arts combos), Left Shift button for Aura-enhanced speed, E button for Deflect enemy fire(with keyblade replaced by Aura constructs), Left Ctrl Button for Aura Ground Pound, Q Button for Divine Aura mode. more physically powerful than other Pokemon humans here(due to his Aura powers) and has best health regeneration out of this crossover group, can cling to vertical surfaces, and can predicts enemy moves

Misty: Left Mouse Button for shoots Water, Right Mouse button got Martial Arts combos, Left Shift for sprint, E Button for summon water elemental, Q button for Tsunami attack

Tracey Sketchit: Left mouse button for Physical attacks, Right Mouse Button for Airblast, Middle Mouse Button for open Sceibblenauts-esque Dialogue, hold Space midair for gliding, Q button for Tornado attack

Melody: left mouse button for play magical songs with her ocarina(specific song chosen by mouse wheels, song effects consists: healng ones, one that works like Ando's Supercharge, etc.), Right Mouse button for physical attacks, Left Shift button for activates Hand of Lugia, Q button to deploys Wing of Lugia(grants her Flight). when inactive, her Hand of Lugia can protects her from enemy projectiles

Robin: Left mouse button for use weapons(cycled with mouse wheels, consists birdarang, grappling hook, explosive discs, etc), Right Mouse button for unarmed melee attacks, E Button for Deflect enemy shots(can't work with beam attacks). His deflect moves are inferior to ones other characters use, and his leadership can boost this team, and has Pressure Point as Passive ability(unarmed melee attacks has a chance of stun enemies and combo finisher has chance to temporarily disable enemy's certain abilities)

Starfire: left mouse button for firing Starbolts, Right Mouse button for unarmed attacks(that's hit harder than berserk punch), spacebar twice for fly, E for eye beams. immune to poisons

Raven: Left mouse button to cast spells(they can cycled with mouse wheels), Right mouse button for Telekinesis, Spacebar twice for fly, Left shift for Teleport, E button for no-clipping(at expense of attacking moves), Q for Demonic Form. half of her HP are magic barrier

Beast Boy: Left mouse button melee attacks, Right Mouse button for turn into animal form(specifics are chosen by mouse wheels), left shift button for running(faster when he uses certain animal forms)

Taichi: Left mouse button for shoots Fire Powers(specific powers can chosen by mouse wheels), Right Mouse button for unarmed attacks(that's hits like berserk punch), Left shift for runs on Enhanced Speed, left ctrl to ground pound when he's midair, E button for deflects enemy shots with fire sword, Left Alt button for summons his Agumon, Q button for biomerges with wargreymon(if this used without summoning agumon first, he attacks with fiery nuke)

Yamato: Left mouse button for fire Ice Powers, Right mouse button for unarmed melee attacks(that's hits like berserk punch), left ctrl for ground pound when he's midair, left alt button for summons Gabumon, left shift button to be invulnerable at expense of mobility, E button for deflects enemy shots with ice construct, Q button for biomerges with Metalgarurumon(if this used without summoning Gabumon first, he freezes enemy surrounding him solid

Sora(Digimon): Left mouse button for Aerokinetic powers(specific powers cycled with mouse wheels), spacebar when she's midair for fly

when flying, left shift for Sonic Boom; Right mouse button for melee attacks, left alt button for summons her Biyomon, Q button for biomerges with Hououmon(if this used without summoning Biyomon first, she summons tornado

Koshiro: Left mouse button for shoots lightning(hold for lightning ball), Right mouse button for hack enemy turrets and vehicles as well computers from distance, spacebar twice midair for fly with grav boots, Left shift button for build tesla turrets, E button for equip electromagneic gauntlet, left alt button for summons Tentomon, Q for biomerges with HerculesKabuterimon(if this used without summoning Tentomon first, he uses EMP)

Mimi: Left mouse button for plant manipulation powers, Right mouse button for Shield from her Geokinesis, left shift button for build walls with earth manipulation, left alt button for summons Palmon, Q for biomerges with Rosemon(if this used without summoning Palmon first, she grows "Tree of Life")

Joe: Left mouse button for shoots water, Right mouse for heal teammates, Left Alt for summons Gomamon, Q for biomerges with Vikemon(if this used without summoning Gomamon first, he called "Healing rain")

Takeru: left mouse button for time stops specific targets, Right mouse button for Superfast melee attacks, Mouse wheels to choose either selective time-stop as well Hexing enemies, Left Shift button for Blink, E button for recall, left alt for summons patamon, Q button for biomerges with Magnaangemon(if this used without summoning Patamon first, he stops time). enemy shots are less accurate against him

Hikari: Left mouse button for cast photokinetic and psychic powers, Right mouse button for mind-control enemies or telekinetically move things, spacebar twice when she's midair for fly, Left alt for summons Gatomon, Q button for biomerges with Ophanimon(if this used without summoning Gatomon first, she unleashes Psychic Storm). 50%-75% of her HP is barrier

if all the characters in this group has the ultimate gauges fully charged, Sora(Kingdom Hearts) got the most powerful drive form ever

Group 2: consists Gabriel Angelos, Abaddon the Despoiler, Farseer Macha, Ghazkull Thraka, Commander Bitchslap, Commander Shadowsun, Trazyn the Infinite, Asdrubael Vect, Canoness Selena Agna, Belisarius Cawl, Tyranid Hive Tyrant, Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Rosalina, Professor E. Gadd, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Twilight Sparkle, Spike the Dragon, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie where here's how characters in this set plays: 40k characters can commands their respective armies in addition of fighting for themselves: Gabriel Angelos got his hammer where much of his move are around this(with added bolter for ranged options), Abaddon the Despoiler plays lot like Doomfist only with magic, Farseer Macha got Eldar psychic powers, Ghazkul Thraka got powerklaw, Commander Bitchslap plays like Doomfist only he can also summon his Leman Russ vanquisher(uses Vanquisher cannon as main gun, hull-mounted plasma cannon(single-shot blast only), and Sponson-mounted assault cannons), Commander Shadowsun got Tau Drones and BFG Akimbo, Trazyn the Infinite got hidden tech as well his scthye, and so on. Flippy uses following weapon: bowie knife, Handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and Frag grenade as well he can scrounge new guns from battlefield. Splendid plays like Superman(with following powers: Heat vision, Super breath, Super-whatever). Buddhist Monkey movesets are following: pressure points(passive, where whoever he hits have any chance of reduced performance or disable certain abilities), the Force(like One from Star Wars), and Martial Arts that utilized simian physiology. the Mole got Radar sight, silenced pistol, and Cane for melee attack. Mario got fireballs and various powerups he can found. Luigi got lightning and powerups either he can found. Peach got umbrella and assorted elemental spells. Daisy got hammer with elemental attacks. Yoshi plays like Yoshi Island only without anyone that rides it. Rosalina got Starlight Starbright as one of her moves. Professor E Gadd got various gadgets. Sonic got Super Speed and can use Chaos Emeralds he found. Tails can fly and got Arm cannon as well he can hacks computers(inferior to Koshiro's one) and can use chaos emeralds he found. Knuckles got Superstrength and Gliding as well he can use chaos emeralds he found. Amy got Piko-piko hammer and can use chaos emeralds she found. Cream the Rabbit got Cheese the Chao and Chaos emeralds she found. Shadow the Hedgehog got Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, Chaos Shield, can use any guns he found, and can use chaos emeralds he found. Rouge got Charm Ray, Flight, and can use Chaos Emeralds she found. Silver got Psychic powers and can use chaos emeralds he found. Blaze got pyrokinesis and can use chaos emeralds she found. Twilight Sparkle got assorted magic spells and can use element of magic. Spike got fire breath and can turns into Giant Spike. Rainbow Dash got Sonic Rainboom and Element of Loyalty. Rarity got Telekinesis and Element of Generosity. Fluttershy got flight, healing, and Element of Kindness. Applejack got Physical attacks and element of honesty. and Pinkie Pie for Party cannon and element of laughter.

group 3: consists Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto, Fio Germi, Trevor Spacey, Nadia Cassell, Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Leona Heidern, Doomguy, Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, Nomad and Psycho from Crysis, Michael Becket, Duke Nukem, and Nick Havoc Parker where here's their respective default loadouts/movesets: Marco got Desert Eagle, Heavy Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Flame Shot, Shotgun, and Orbital Ion Cannon for his ultimate attack(though he can't use handheld energy weapons). Tarma got Handgun and Assault Rifle as well ability to drive any vehicle he found, with most of his special moves revolving around summoning following slugs: SV-001 Metal Slug, Slug Flyer, Slug Copter, Slugnoid, and Slug Gunner for his ultimate move. Eri got Handgun, Axe, Grenades(thrown using G button), m79 Grenade Launcher, Multi Grenade Launcher, and C4. Fio got Handgun, Dual MP7, and M240 Machine Gun. Trevor got OICW(assault rifle with built-in airburst grenade launcher, latter fires following warheads: High Explosive, Freezing, Incendiary, and EMP), Dual Machine Pistols, taekwondo kicks with bladed heels, Hacking(undeniably inferior to Koshiro's one since it requires physical contact with targets and unlike Koshiro's one, it doesn't work at all on Anunnaki enemies), and RPG Machine Gun(his ultimate move, fires machine gun that shots rocket-propelled grenades). need Help with Nadia's loadout/moveset other than she got bonus when she eats too much. Ralf Jones got Throwing knives(left mouse button for accurate shot, right mouse button for throwing fan range of knives) and Vulcan Punch(berserk punch with machine gun rate of fire). Clark Still can dual wield any guns he found. and Leona got M41a Pulse Rifle and Earring bomb as well zantetsuken and she can turn into demon form when she consumes flesh foods. Doomguy are just like his old self(other than he got permanent access to Berserk Punch). Master Chief got standard range of Halo guns except he got Pile Bunker for melee weapon and he can fly. Gordon Freeman got Gravity Gun, Physics Gun from Garry's mod(this makes him called 'Edward Elric' cuz of certain functions of this weapon), and Dark Matter Gun. Nomad got dual desert eagles, XM8 Rifle, Minigun, Missile Launcher(capable of 2 firing modes: laser-guided or fire-and-forget Heat-seeking), and TAC Cannon(uses Antimatter Warhead) as well his Nanosuit got Armor, Strength, Speed, and Cloaking modes not to mention his visor can either zoom just like binoculars or has Aimbot. Paycho's just like Nomad(due to nanosuits) only with following for his loadout: dual MP7, Xm8 Rifle, Gauss Rifle, C4 and PAX Plasma Accumulator Cannon. Michael Becket got Slo-mo move as well here's his loadouts: p90, XM8, Hammerhead nailgun, and Plasma rifle, he can also ass-pulls random superpowers due to his psychic powers. Duke Nukem plays just like his Duke Nukem 3d incarnation. and Nick Havoc Parker plays just like his C&C renegade self.

Group 4:

Recca Hanabishi: 8 fire dragons: Saiha gave him fire sword, Nadare gave him fireballs, Homura gave him fire whip and enhanced strength, Setsuna gave him ability to burn all the enemy around, Madoka gave him force field, Rui gave him disguise and stealth, Koku gave him lance and Resshin grants him resurrection.
Domon Ishijama: Dosei no Wa grants him super strength, Kuchibashio for ranged options, and Tetsugan(ultimate) makes him virtually invulnerable
Fuko Kirisawa: Kung-fu attacks, Dart Throw, Shitsu(like Genji's swift strike), Shiryou Shintou, Tatsumaku, and Fuujin for her ultimate
Tokiya Mikagami: Sword attacks, Ensui attacks, Mizunaru Hebi, Tsunaru hebi, and Absolute Zero(ultimate)
Kaoru Koganei: Naginata for standard ranged attacks Oohsami(scissor), An for Arrow, Mu(ultimate)
Isami Hanaoka: dragon sword
Soshi Yukimi: dragon's arrow
Toshi Tsukikage: Dragon soccer

Group 5: consists Mystery Inc from Scooby Doo as well Team Fortress 2 mercenaries where here's their movesets/loadouts/powerloads: Fred can take any vehicle he found. Daphne got Kung-fu moves as well she got Sword, Polearm, and Shuriken. Shaggy got Green Goo(to weaken enemies) and Ass Kicks you melee attacks. Velma got hacking ability. Scooby Doo got canine physiology. Scout got 2-barrel shotgun(plays just like Super Shotgun from Doom 2 and Final Doom), Pistol, and Baseball Bat. Soldier got Rocket Launcher, Automatic Shotgun, and Power Sword from Warhammer 40k. Pyro got Flamethrower(capable of airblast), Flare Gun, and Fire Axe. Demoman got Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb launcher, and Luckstealer sword(hex anyone he hurts while making him luckier in process). Heavy got Minigun, Railgun(fires either APFSDS or submunition pellets), and Powerfist. Engineer got tesla coil(part of bionic arm) that's capable of either Lightning ball mode, Rivet Gun, Parabola(for hacking), wrench, and can build following: turrets, dispenser, and teleporters. Medic got pneumatic syringe driver, medgun, and bonesaw. Sniper got Sniper rifle, Bow(can used as melee weapon) and trick arrows, and dual SMGs. and Spy got revolver, sapper, knife, and disguise kits

Group 6: consists Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, Danny Phantom, Jaina Prudmoore, Thrall from Warcraft, Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion Stormrage, and the whole Overwatch heroes(consists following: Ana, Ashe, Baptiste, Bastion, Brigitte, D.Va, Doomfist, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Lucio, McCree, Mei, Mercy, Moira, Orisa, Pharah, Reaper, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Sombra, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Wreckling ball, Zarya, and Zenyatta) where the movesets of Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny are much like their Nicktoon's unite counterparts. Warcraft characters plays lot like Warcraft 3 selves. and Overwarch heroes plays much like their game selves(with some additions: Pharah's missile launcher can also either laser-guided mode or heat seeker mode)

here's the game modes:

Single Player campaign: self explanatory(though you can use all the characters in any given group you choose during start of the game)
Co-op campaign: play campaign multiplayer, max players is 9-12 and players can use different characters within single group or command different group
Multiplayer modes: for any multiplayer modes that aren't co-op campaign mode:

capture the flag
King of the Hill
Escort: much like TF2 payload mode or Overwatch Escort mode
Team Deathmatch: deathmatch between playable groups of this Doom Mod
Free-for-all Deathmatch: nuff said
Apocalypse War: plays like Warhammer 40k's apocalypse where characters can use their ultimate moves liberally
Payload/escort racing

Survival mode: survive against endless waves of enemies, the group that survive longest wins
Practice mode

here's the possible levels/maps:

Bikini Bottom
Apocalyptic Wasteland
Happy Tree Town
Traverse Town
Mushroom Kingdom
Republic city
Las Vegas
Space Hulk
Highton View Terrace
Jump City
Orange Island
Area 51
South Park
TF2 map
Radiant Garden
Horizon Lunar Colony
Reality engine
Disney Fortress
Planktopolis 2.0
Plankton's hideout
Nexus of the Omniverse
Anunnaki Godpharaoh Anu
(secret map) Sanctum Imperialis
(secret map) Black-lit Labyrinth

Here's the Pokemons(that anyone can summons with collected pokeballs):


Here's the hazards:

Tiberium Crystals
explosive boxes(randomly uses following: standard, napalm, freezing, tesla, to even exotic ones like Singularity)
Damaging floors: uses following: radioactive waste, blood, Magma, to even ones utilizing Carnivorous Nanobots

and here's the enemies(infantry can be mind controlled by certain heroes while manned vehicles can be driven by people like Tarma):

the Illuminati(most of them are invisible): consists basic infantryman(looks lot like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter guys, armed with M81a Pulse Rifle(uses Caseless ammo tech to combines Submachine Gun's Rate of Fire and Magazine Capacity with High Powered Rifle's range and firepower, not to mention can uses either underslung Shotgun(can fire tazer rounds) or underslung!selective-fire Metal Storm Grenade Launcher), M72 Law (can fires either laser guided missile or heat seeking), or Flamethrower plus Sniper rifle where sniper ones uses invisibility cloak), Knight Templars(wears Chobham suits, armed with either M134 Minigun, handheld and magazine-fed variant of Rheinmetall 120mm gun, and Buster Sword as well Shield that uses Electromagnetic reactive armor(later can upgraded to resemble storm shield from 40k) not to mention shoulder mounted Missile pods and anti-personnel smartgun like one that MCU!Ironman uses, some replaces their Miniguns and Cannons with Lasers and Railguns respectively), Shocktroopers(Gasmask-clad cyborgs that uses following: 30mm autocannons for assault weapons, Bio-chem sprayers, White-phosphorus flamethrowers, 4-shot FGM-148 Javelin, 2-Shot FIM-92 Stinger, and even handheld PHASR for sniper rifles), Cultists(comes in 3 forms(denoting their ranks): Black robed got simple magic spells as well handgun and knife, Red Robed got Lovcraftian superpowers, and white robed got full-contact fireball magic, levitation, and barrier spells), Men in Black(basically much like Agents from the Matrix series got recycled in Meatspace and can turn 4-dimensional(can punch solid objects while remain intangible to their opponents) and armed with Desert Eagle 50AE and Briefcase-like Missile launchers), Commando(exoskeleton-clad one-man-army), Scientist(cybernetically-enhanced scientists, armed with pneumatic syringe gun and back-mounted servo-arm, also doubles as engineers which they can place Repulsor-propelled Grenade Machine Guns), and Commander(largely recolor of Ptolemaic field commanders, only with Samurai Sword for melee attacks, leads Illuminati squads). their vehicles and aircraft units(all equipped with Octocamo active camouflage tech) consists Dune Buggy(can uses different guns), Illuminati motorcycle(armed with dual Heavy Machine Guns(later can upgraded to fire gyrojet rounds), ATGMs, and Stinger missiles), some mix between M113 Gavin and M2 Bradley(fills the role of APC(serves as Illuminati infantry spawn points), armed with autocannons, Flamethrowers, NLOS ATGM, and Surface to Air Missiles), M270 MLRS(uses Anti-gravity in place of tracks, also doubles as Anti Air), Humvee(dedicated Anti-personnel vehicle with Remote-controlled dual weapon system: uses either M2 Browning and XM307 Grenade machine gun), Foster-Miller Talon SWORDS(uses following: 12.7mm Gatling gun, Flamethrower, Pile Bunker, MK19 that shot RPGs thanks to virtue of Gyrojet technology, and so on), M1 Abrams(comes with following variants(by their main guns): standard magazine-fed 120mm gun, Napalm fireball cannon, Pile Bunker, Railgun, Laser Cannon, Plasma Cannon, and Singularity cannon(rarest). all got RWS-mounted M134 Minigun in place of Mounted M240 Machine guns), Literal Mechanized Infantry(like Metal Slug 5 mechas only uses general-purpose AI in place of human pilots and with addition of flamethrower one), Juggernaut(Howitzer in mechanized walker platform), X-66 Mammoth tanks(usually uses dual 140mm cannons, gatling guns, and Surface to Air missiles), Cultist Tower(basically Mobile telesthetic amplifier) AH-6 Little bird(uses side Metal Storm machine guns in addition of nose-mounted machine guns), RAH-66 Comanche(modular weapon platform gunship with forcefields), F-35B Lightning II, F-22 Raptor (both F-35 and F-22 can also uses Gatling laser cannons in place of Vulcan Cannons), B-2 Spirit(also has defense lasers), Grav-carrier(flying aircraft carrier of the Illuminati), MV-22 Osprey(uses both Repulsors and Scramjets in place of tillrotor engines), UH-75D Ghost Shark(fills the role of Blackhawk helicopters for Illuminati, can fly through solid surfaces), and so on

ACME Corporation: consists Contractors(armed with various guns, primarily Elctrostatic automatic airguns that's known as K-volt from Crysis 2 as well Pneumatic Flechette driver that has sniper mode), ACME Army(has flak cannons), ACME Navy(uses missile pods), ACME Air-force(can fly and has stealth), and ACME Marine(has Chainsaws, pile bunkers, and harpoons) where all but contractors(uses assorted guns where their favorite are K-volt from Crysis 2) wear ironman suit variants. any of them can place Gyrojet Turret(RPG-firing Mk19 mounted on automated turrets)

The Anunnaki Empire(the troops(most of them) can also mind-controlled by Koshiro's hacking): consists Anunnaki stormtroopers(armed with Pulse rifles as well Stasis rifle to incapacitate heroes, they can hack opponent vehicles and sprays Carnivorous nanites from their left hands), Vaporizers(uses quasar cutter beams and can turn intangible), Chupacabra(their jaws uses matter disruptor to bite through indestructibles and they got antimatter-based bomb for suicide attacks), Annihilators(armed with gatling guns that shoots splinters of white dwarf stars, Infinite mass rifles, and Antimatter bazookas, they're too big to enter any small places), Vulturites(basically high-tech gargoyles, armed with gatling Blaster cannons, and photon missiles. can temporarily turn into rock when they're wounded to regenerate), Doom Monsters(all the classic ones except Former Humans, more powerful than their canon selves due to use of Anunnaki nanotechnology), Dronox, Insectrox, Grox Space Marines(armed with Cyclic Fusion Ignition System(fills role of their Assault rifles just like what Bolter does to the vanilla Astartes, though their range are cut short by atmosphere a lot), Infinite Mass Rifle(Sniper Rifle that uses 4-dimension bore technology where it’s rounds are accelerated beyond speed of light and got Infinite mass once it enters 3rd Dimension, it can easily knocks even people like Superman), Antimatter Bazooka, Antimatter Charge(like c4, except uses Antimatter technology), Groxoblade(lightsaber-like weapon that can slices through any material, serves as melee weapons of Grox Space Marines), Proton Missile(shoulder-mounted), and others. their equipments are includes: personal force field generator(used by all but most mobile of Grox Space Marines), Anti-Gravity device(allows Grox Space Marine(that’s fills the role of Assault Marines of any Space Marine chapter) flies like a Superman), Resonance Detonator, etc.), Iguanoid Praetorians, Biomimetic Enforcers(can copy abilities and powers of player characters), etc. their vehicles and aircrafts consist Myrmidon MBTs(Anunnaki main battle tanks, armed with Phaser cannons occassionally photon missiles), Tesseract APCs, Serpentron(works like Mechapede from Tiberium Wars), Mobile Singularity cannons, Flying Saucers, Terminator Tripods(basically Tripod from War of the Worlds, can switch between flight and walker modes), etc.

Misc enemies: this covers enemies that aren't affiliated with Illuminati, ACME, and Anunnaki and here they are: Genestealer cults, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Ninku Ninjas, Left 4 Dead Zombies, etc.

what do you think?
159 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-04 16:12
Holy shit, this is the worst post I have ever read. I hope you knocked some sense into the gay that originally posted this.
160 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-06 14:59
I wish this thread would have stayed buried because I now have to remember that Megas XLR was a thing, and how I would get berated by my stoner friend for not thinking it was the greatest thing ever.
161 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-07 20:18
So i went to the doctor the other day and apparently i have a low sperm count :(

This idiot doctor told me i should give up my vegan diet if i even hope to have children in the future, and i was like "huh fuck that" and got up and left his office.

Kinda sucks that i'll never have kids of my own but at least my GF's sperm is still active so i don't mind raising her kids as if they were mine.
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I'm more offended by how horrible the game looked more then the content matter.

Sure, it was in incredibly bad taste, but I mean people are still using Poser in 2019??
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As a child I was afraid of invisible giants. I would lay in bed and hear them walking around the city. They had feet so large that they could smash an entire house with one step. However they had no substance and were spirits of dead giants. I was also afraid of the little people who flew around with little tiny wings. These little people swarmed and flew in a swarm into my bedroom.
I had lots of fears as a child and later in life as an adult was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.
However now in my middle age I believe in Jesus. And I came to understand giants did exist and were offspring of fallen angels and women. They are born of the earth and remain on the earth as demons.
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Look my friend was a complete Jackoffholic, so I had to wear gloves when I visited his house to game. 😫
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How about this:
What keeps you guys going despite the fact that you feel like your existence is worthless?
Getting drunk as I am now. Reading manga, crossdressing and sometimes vidya. Literally the only reason I'm still here. That be might be kinda sad but its what keeps me going. I know I'm all kinds of fucked up not letft my house but 3 times this year but I really do love manga and crossdressing. God I cant express how much I love cute things. Anyone else drunk and just fucking loving life? Also is anyone meaningful? I think we are all pretty meaning less in the big picture of the universe. Man I love life only when drunk and crossdressing thou I'm so fucked but atleast I can be happy with me.
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I once heard my brother yell out at night "MOM GIVE ME BACK MY PEANUT BUTTER GUN!" Then another time he said in a very sad voice "the clown has no penis."
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Each time Greg succeeds, he earns 100 points. Each round is timed for
Approximately 1 minute, 45 seconds.

Greg's Keys- Up- "W" Down- "Z" Right- "S" Left- "A"
Fred's Keys- Up- "P" Down- "." Right- ";" Left- "L"
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Star Trek fans never cease to phase me... (yes, it was an intended bad pun). Cry babies will always complain about anything under the nebula ( see that? another bad reference, but it was necessary ). Here's something you can try: Stop being such a panzy and realize that sometimes.... story modes change... HOLY SMOKES! AT RANDOM? So take the free game you were given, yea you know... the one that was released 9 years ago? And just play the game or maybe play something else or GEE WHIZ CAPTAIN make your own choice at this point, cuz lets face it... if anyone could do any better, they already would have. Star Flakes are so amusing nowadays. (yea bro, that was a liberal snowflake reference, you should stop acting like one)
170 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-07 11:32
171 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-07 12:22
Same. I Got the Sega Genesis for Sonic 1. And Sonic 1 is Still My Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Game. Now Your Probably Asking yourself, "Why Sonic 1?... Why Not Sonic 2 or 3?. I Mean Aren't Those Better Sonic Games then the First?. And I would tell you No. They Aren't as good as people make them out to be.Not as Challenging as the First Sonic Game. You see, this is All about the Spin Dash. It made Sonic 2 and 3 too easy. You see, in Sonic 1, you had to Earn Going Fast, by Taking Advantage of Momentum. By Running from a Distance or Rolling into a Ball, Down a Hill. This Made More Sense in Realism. But since Sonic 2, Sonic Became Broken and Boring. Now if you want to go fast, you just do the Spin Dash move. It took away the feeling of Sonic moving like a Real Hedgehog. Now he's All about Running Unrealistically Fast. And that gets Boring. Sonic is Boring Now. Although I do love the music in Sonic 2. Once he OutRuns the Screen in the Second Zone, you know the Freaking Games Broken. Since now he's Too Fast. And in Sonic 1, you had those slow stages that helped Sonic feel like a Normal Platformer. Where he didn't need to go fast. And the fun is just taking your time in order to beat the zones. This made Sonic 1 feel like a more Normal Video Game. With More Variety, then trying just to run fast all the Freaking time. Which made Sonic 1 More Fun. Also, as good as the music was in Sonic 2, I think Sonic 1's Music is Freaking Legendary. Especially the Green Hill Zone's Music. It's so good, that they even rebuilt the Whole Green Hill Zone stage, and Remixed the Green Hill Zone Music in some of the Newer Sonic Games, like Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania. Yeah, Sonic 1 is Still the Best Freaking Sonic Game on the Freaking Sega Genesis!. And Playing it with the Sega Genesis 6 Button Arcade Stick Controller, is Freaking Awesome!. Yeah, Sonic 1 Does Infact Feel like an Actual Arcade Game, when Played with the 6 Button Arcade Stick Controller. Infact, back when Nintendo used Arcade Machines to Sell NES Games with They're Play-Choice 10 Arcade Cabinet, Freaking SEGA was doing the same thing for the Genesis. They had an Arcade Machine called the Megadrive Arcade. Which just like the Nintendo one, let you play and sample freaking Sega Genesis/Megadrive Games on a Timer. The Biggest Money Maker on the Machine was believe it or not, freaking Sonic the Hedgehog 1. And that's only because Playing it can with Arcade Controls felt Too Natural. the Game was More Just Way More Fun using an Arcade Stick and Arcade Buttons to Move Sonic. That's why I'm So Proud of My Sega Genesis Arcade Set Up I put up on my Main YouTube Channel, Mother Goose. I bearly make videos though. But when I do, they are pretty Decent. I don't go all out like Teddy Rubskin does when he makes videos. Though i believe in giving credit where credit is due, by saying that He was who got me into freaking Worshipping the Sega Genesis as a Single Console. Without plugging the 32X or Sega CD into it's Pussy Holes. LOLS. XD
172 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-14 19:26
I thought nose rings were a bit gross then I decided to have a think about her nose ring specifically and realized it it a great place for a leash. You're right she is hot. I'm not being sarcastic with this comment, The only turnoff about her was the nose ring and it was a deal breaker for me because I don't like body mods. Thanks for making me think. I'll appreciate septum piercing more in the future.
173 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-17 02:47
Actually, pewdiepie is sweetish so its an accent, not like a "pretend" voice.
174 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-18 22:43
Why everyone somehow uses piss word when they're talking about R Kelly? I don't want to search "R Kelly piss" on Google
175 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-20 17:58
Thicc nibbas their dummy thicc 🍑🍑😫😫😫
176 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-29 14:40
I liked chinchillas. One day I was at a pet store and was looking at them. Male chinchilla extended(?) Its dick, then deep throated itself. I no longer can make myself like chinchillas.
177 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-30 10:29
I guess in a nutshell, I'm socially adept or generally a smooth talker with women. Once I have their number - something that's pretty easy to grab - it's only a matter of time before sexual tension leads to sexting of some sort, usually before we've had any intimacy at all. After sexting, I have a wave of guilt as I realize I'm not even remotely attracted to them or the concept of hooking up with them. They were just someone that wanted me, and I them, in that moment. However, it's hard to return to the way it was before knowing that I can't stand the thought of them, let alone fucking them. I don't even like the idea of casual sex. It's so gross and irresponsible.

So let's take tonight, right? I get this girl's number. We inevitably end up sexting. Big finish, shazam. Say goodnight. Now I realize, dick deflated, that I don't care about her, for her looks, her principles or anything. I'm perfectly fine with blocking her, so I do. But even now, as my refractory period eases off, I feel a lust for her. She has made it clear that she wants me. But I'm struggling with it since I know I don't like her.

I've always had a really hard time with this. I don't know what to do about it. On one hand, I could live recklessly and just fuck any girl that seems interested. On the other, my mind knows that I'm just signing up for hurt feelings and a dangerous ride with many potholes (STDs, pregnancy, stalkers [yep, have had a few]).
178 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-30 10:31
179 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-02 21:59
That's not cringe, that's just unfortunate. He's stuck right in the middle of retard and normalfag.
180 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-06 22:28
Patriarchy is the capitalism which is the essence of whiteness, penises are the embodiment of that whiteness, and thus penis=capitalism.
181 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-12 20:11
SIGIL is really just another scheme by the petit bourgeouise to keep the proletariat in line, as Romero's pre-packaged severed head is merely a distraction to keep the mindless masses occupied with their own fantasies of decapitating the bourgeoise whilst stalling the imminent revolution to come wherein Romero will get his actual head cut off
182 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-13 01:56
Hey, just found you and wanted to say, that this is very booring. So i defenetly give you dislike and never coming back again.

Great job.
183 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-13 16:47

“Having seen so many of Rachelle’s superb clips and been mesmerised watching those long, thick turds slowly emerging from her gorgeous ass I just knew. I had to have one; one to taste, to chew and to swallow. When ordering I asked Rachelle if she would make a custom clip, in which she simply sat as she told me exactly how I was to eat her poop. Rachelle agreed but conditionally; I would have to write to her describing the taste. I shall try.

The whole experience assailed me with a medley of sensations as I followed Rachelle’s instructions last night. I picked up her first turd and, as directed, kissed it with gentle awe, coating my tongue as I licked it for a while before biting off that first piece. As my teeth cut away that chunk of thick, hard turd I felt the most exhilarating frisson of sexual excitement compounded by the sight and sound of this beautiful woman in front of me, the woman whose shit was now in my mouth. Initially the taste was something of a surprise. Whereas the smell from the pack was strong with an earthy pungency, not less so by having spent over a week in the mail during its Atlantic crossing, that first taste was unexpectedly light, almost bland. For a while it lay on my tongue ……. softening. Slowly a little dissolved and with it emerged the taste. That was earthy. I swirled it round my mouth and coated my lips. The first tastes of Rachelle’s shit dribbled down my throat as I gazed at her and saw those fingers, sharing my pleasure, as they busied themselves at her own creamy lips. As that first turd softened the tip of my tongue probed its depth. Here it found taste, a rich, animal flavour that I struggle to describe but will never fail to recognise: I chewed the turd, almost with a sense of urgency to test the texture, to explore the taste. Its texture, as with the others I later ate, was remarkably consistent. It was thick and heavy indicative, I think, of a well digested, high fibre, diet. The tastes were varied and fascinating; each morsel containing its own delight, its own surprise. There were many that I could not recognise but I am sure I detected a spice but then it was gone to be replaced by …. by what? A sweetness or was it a fragrance I could detect and then it too was lost. I loved taking Rachelle’s hard turds and breaking them down with teeth and tongue until I could swallow her thick liquid shit with its myriad differing tastes. Heaven sent and perhaps Heaven’s scent.

Thankfully, the poop Rachelle has mailed is very generous and much remains in a cool store to eat in coming nights with more opportunities to test its taste and texture. But despite giving my teeth a thorough brushing I still have, several hours later, a Rachelle after-taste to savour.”
184 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-17 20:27
Damn, Satan sure sounds like a based dude.
Where did we go so wrong that we picked jewish war demon, who forces contradicting and idiotic laws, espouses mindless authoritarianism, murders those who dare to question him, over the wise Lightbringer?
185 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-22 16:05
OMFGROFLMAO @ Greek reviewer's comment

καλο ειναι ομως τα τερατα ειναι πολυ κακασχημα πουτσοχυματα

Literal translation.: Very good but the monsters are fugly wads of cum
186 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 16:51
Making undeserved comparisons to Nazism is always cringe.
187 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 17:00
This is actual cringe. What a faggot.
188 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 19:03
Not cringe and correct actually.
189 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 19:05
25 was the age when I realized how fucked up my life is and that I cannot hide in my room forever. God I wish I was 15 again. No worries in life other than coming home from school and wasting time on internet and anime while I actually enjoyed it.
190 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 19:09
Who here is buff while also saving the environment, not supporting animal abuse and respecting women?
191 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 19:10
Allways respect women, fellow chads!
192 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 19:19
We need to teach people that this is not how chads act
193 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 19:20
Gaston? Smh, please, remember the time Johnny Bravo defeated a ninja warlord and then rejected an international model Stacey because he couldn’t be tied down to just one woman? Also his hair is the definition of chad.
194 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 19:32
Prompted by false allegations made by an ex-boyfriend of game developer Zoe Quinn in 2014, Gamergate activists harassed women game developers and video game analysts. While adherents claimed Gamergate was a crusade against journalistic bias they saw in games journalism, several of their principal claims were false, including that a game developer had sex with a game reviewer in exchange for a favorable review (the site ran no review of her game).
195 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 23:41
Exploring an old mansion / ruins / whatever, and finding a sleeping vampire girl = fine. Will be an interesting experience, providing she dosnt kill me.

Exploring the same location and finding a sleeping vampire-girl with a dick twice as big as yours?: NOPE
196 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-24 16:25
[Sociopath on his unsuspecting gf of 20 years]

Thank you. I treat her with kindness, affection, adoration, “love” and respect. Well not respect. I don’t respect people in general. I use them to my benefit. I show her respect (or my attempt at it) so she feels loved and respected but in reality I don’t respect her, myself or anyone else for that matter.

I have cheated on her more times than I can remember (never been caught) and she thinks I’m the patriarch of monogamy and loyalty. I lie to her on a daily, if not, hourly basis about trivial things to make me seem more interesting or exciting. Usually because I’m bored with life at the time.

I am obsessed with all women, as long as I’m attracted to them physically and would pretty much have sex with anyone, anytime as long as I thought my partner wouldn’t find out.

My partner once found a condom in our bed (we don’t use condoms in our relationship) and freaked out at me but I stayed calm and easily managed to make it look like our flat mate had a girl in our room.

I feel like one day it will all come undone, but until that day I will continue down this road I guess..
197 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-25 02:34
198 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-25 04:31
Do you guys think, Dada Mutas breastmilk taste like Naan?
199 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-28 02:29
Dear Sheik,

I am your Secret Admirer. I know you don't know who I am, but I know you. You are a hero! You were instrumental in bringing peace to Hyrule.
You are a great woman. You have a pure heart and want nothing but peace in your homeland.
You have suffered for a long seven years trying to make things right. I know it was hard, but you did it! You can relax now. Your efforts have paid off ten-fold!
I know you have lost a lot of people you hold dear, and I would give anything for you to be able to find comfort in these trying times. But you won't need to be alone anymore.
You can make new friends and start new bonds. You can start a new life with new people you can care about.
How about one with me? I would do anything to help you recover from your hardships.
You are beautiful, Sheik. Every time I lay eyes on you, my heart skips a beat.
I love everything about you, Sheik. From your caring, but forceful demeanor, to your calming music you play. I love your soothing voice and your nimble stature.
I want more than anything to get to know you even better and to be able to introduce myself to you.
My heart beats so rapidly when I catch a glimpse of you that I falter a bit.
I get so nervous. I don't want to leave a bad first impression.
But I will no longer hide. I will be a man and I will introduce myself to you.
Meet me at [redacted] and I can be that start to a new life that you have been looking for.
I can be your first new bond. A way to start your new, peaceful life.

I love you, Sheik. You mean the world to me.

Your Secret Admirer

Now be honest waifufriends, was that more romantic or was that more creepy? I tried my best to make it not creepy, but that's hard. Hopefully it isn't THAT bad.
200 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-28 23:26
I didn't think there was a grey area between guro and brownies, but hell if this ain't it.

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