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[LEWD] Post ITT every time you have LEWD thoughts, again! [BAKA]

1 Name: ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧ 2018-12-25 16:10
Let it all out~

2 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-25 16:14
lewd threads reproducing
3 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-25 16:30
This lewd has lewded the lewd lewdmit. You can't lewd anylewd.
4 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-25 17:24
5 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-26 13:43
Duke Nukem saving a Japanese schoolgirl from a tentacle monster only to be the one to put his tentacle in her.
6 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-26 15:25
Je put my big baguette into her petite pussy
7 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-26 18:28
7GET for seven bountiful releases of semen upon the cute girl of my choice in 2019. My lewd powers are coming to a head!!
8 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-26 21:09
Skeksis sex
9 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-27 19:36
Getting the succ from a soft and cute girl.
10 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-27 20:20
D-does that mean their balls touched?
11 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-28 00:39
Soft squish, I love it
12 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-28 13:18
just 7? go for hundreds!
13 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-28 14:54
Someone posting soft cosplayers on Twitter and I am popping a boner at work...
14 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-28 15:36
I absolutely cannot browse twitter at work because of all the lewd japanese artists I follow.
Especially at this time of the year when they all post preview of their new works for winter comiket.
15 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-28 18:04
vellus hair
16 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-28 19:35
17 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-28 19:54
I have the same problem. I take a risk when I go to Twitter at work.
18 Name: VIPPER 2018-12-30 14:08
I hear my crush is sick. I know just the kind of medicine she needs.... Antibiotics. And then my penis and semen.
19 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-01 05:06
Put cat penis inside of the mouse with a red bow on her head.

Stretch her pussy as wide as possible and spray a gusher of cum inside her.
20 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-02 00:16
some DILF smiling at you so you buy his junk
21 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-02 04:06
At first I was imagining this as strange uses of a catnip mouse toy for cats.
22 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-03 14:26
Have you ever encountered a girl that you wanted to break with your penis? This girl isn't that attractive. She's very small and scrawny, probably literally malnourished during her youth. But something about her little noodle-y body gives me an urge to fucken the likes of which I haven't had in several years.
23 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-03 15:20
Plunging my hard penis in between the soft and squishy butt cheeks of a cute and perky girl with rocket tits.
24 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-04 06:44
25 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-04 08:28
sticking my finger in my bellybutton and then sniffing it
26 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-04 19:20
She's RIGHT THERE, the penis break-ee to be. If this was a hentai we'd already be six panels into a hardcore fuckening while she made awkward ahegao faces.
27 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-04 19:43
Every post in the fart thread
28 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-04 21:01
Dangerously soft girl preventing me from working.
29 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-04 21:08
DashieGames playing the don't get caught masturbating games
30 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-07 14:31
Vehemently pounding the soft and cute cosplayer girl with my PEEN0R
31 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-07 16:02
No furry but her voice sounds like a dog speaking, and that turns me on. I want to make her make weird dog sounds as we do the fuck.
32 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-07 21:24
33 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-08 08:59
Tonal intercourse
34 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-08 14:45
Live like a windrammer as you fuck.
35 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-08 15:28
Have you been playing Vinyl Goddess From Mars?
36 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-08 19:37
I haven't, this is an experience from the real life. Now I know this game exists though, and I think the same of it.
37 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-10 14:00
Luckily the latest barrage of cosplayers on my twitter haven't been soft enough for my tastes so I avoided a raging boner at work.
38 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-10 14:02
Well fuck, now the soft cosplayers are everywhere on my twitter timeline.
39 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-11 11:14
*squishy* cosplayers
40 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-11 13:01
My first date with dog girl has left me hungering. This keikaku WILL succeed, now I have even more of a need for weird dog sex (no furry).
41 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-11 23:28
Bet >>40 is going to have some ruff sex with doggo girle.
42 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-15 16:14
Good grief all these ridiculously soft and squishy cosplayers out there are making me rather hornified.
43 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-16 01:51
i saw the cutest girl i've ever seen today. came home and overdosed on jav.
44 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-16 07:44
Softest squishiest thighs of a cute girl.
45 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-16 15:06
Today it's my arm around your waist, tomorrow it's my penis around your reproductive organs. The fuckening is cumming and it will be terribly powerful.
46 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-16 20:22
and again I masturbated to BDSM with maids
HAIL NIHON for galge
47 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-16 20:59
what game fren
48 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-17 14:10
Parking my penis in Peni Parker.
49 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-18 03:24
I felt the butt today and it was good. My penor is insatiably hungry, this evening.
50 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-18 06:57
Do you feel the butt? Because I feel the butt, yeah
51 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-19 13:36
How can someone's body, eyes, face and voice all so aggressively say "I was made for fuck?" It's absurd, almost offensive.
52 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-19 18:10
Sexual play where both pretend to have exaggeratedly huge orgasms
53 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-19 21:40
6am fuckening invoked by a dream
54 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-20 01:53
I am so happy the repostenings of vehemently soft and squishy cosplayers is happening now and not during the workdays.
55 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-20 10:53
fucking a touhou cosplayer
56 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-20 11:17
Breeding Tewi like a bunny
57 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-20 16:02
Wow, a Touhou-fetishism that doesn't involve Suika on here?
I'm still partial to Sakuya, myself.

Lewd maids in lewd maid uniforms.
58 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-20 18:55
put on a skirt and admire my N A K E D E R E C T I O N in a mirror because of it
59 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-20 19:30
think i loved maids for decades now, yet they never get old for some reason they are truly perfection
60 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-21 02:23
spunked a load of junk
61 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-21 11:08




62 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-21 13:48
Destroy the world with your fucking energy, then cuddle up and give the booty a content squeeze. Happiness is a lewd companion.
63 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-21 21:33
Bum bum makes the cum come
64 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-21 23:31
65 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-22 09:04
Super squishy cosplayers on my timeline now. Holy hell.
66 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-23 10:25
Digging my face into her buttcheeks.
67 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-23 14:35
68 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-23 19:13
I have a deep, dark secret. I go to the gym regularly and am getting pretty big, but it's for a lewd, evil ulterior motive. I can think of nothing hotter than a muscular man wearing cute girly shit. Not a trap, not a drag queen, zero "feminine" tricks added. Just a sexy man wearing a cute female outfit or a girl's swimsuit. But it's not enough for me to look at this sort of thing online. I want to BE that kawaii manly man, and have the fuck with someone, male or female, while wearing some cute knee-high socks and other girly affectations. When my bros ask I say I just like being strong, that it's to look good for chicks. They will NEVER know my dark, lewd, terrible secret.
69 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-23 23:14
Gonna walk the dog tomorrow if you know what I'm trying to say, no furry.
70 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-25 16:39
71 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-26 20:56
It's like an ordinary vagina, but a hand reaches out and provides the job before retracting
72 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-27 02:16
sounds more like a pussyfist
73 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-28 12:58
Relax as hard as you can, baby
74 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-28 12:58
75 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-28 14:03
Why is my twtter feed so full of squishy soft cosplayers recently. Goddamn.
76 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-28 18:06
I've started following female athletes' instagrams and my reasoning for doing so has to be at least 92% lewd. I would hazard that their posts are to me what those squishy, soft cosplayers' posts are to 75-kun.
77 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-28 20:21
Except that for my part, when I first started following these accounts on Twitter it was because of their art and other things. Recently they do nothing but retweet lewd cosplays.
78 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-28 20:53
Squishy cosplayers getting bapped:
79 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-29 00:48
80 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-29 03:37
Nothing I can think of in recent years has managed to set such a powerful fire to my loins as cuddling with dog girl. Soft yet firm, with a voice that makes me want to literally destroy something with my penis.
81 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-29 13:01
I found out why I see so much squish on my timeline:

The Tumblr-ban on lewds. They all migrated their horniness over to Twitter instead.
82 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-30 23:02
83 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-31 00:19
Expensively-animated jiggly boobies~
84 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-31 15:16
Brave the cold with a soft girl, then warm her back up with my lewd ways.
85 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-31 19:32
"No more tears" branded lubricant
86 Name: VIPPER 2019-01-31 20:56
Very squishy.
87 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-01 16:50
She's dumb as a brick and a little chubby but something about her body gives my penis a begrudging twitch whenever I see it. Now she followed my instagram, so I have full access to her hipster-ass photos of her hipster ass. Might give it a guilty fap in a bit.
88 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-01 19:53
A little chubby is not a negative.
89 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-02 04:36
I've got a little chubby in my pants
90 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-03 15:37
As for myself, it's mildly turgid.
91 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-05 05:34
92 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-05 13:49
Gimme the fuck and gimme it fast!
93 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-05 14:03
read a lewd thread now i cant get that special feeling away
94 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-05 20:52
penetrating the anus hole
95 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-05 21:31
Facediving a vehemently soft butt.
96 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-05 22:04
Urethral meowtus
97 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-06 05:15
she left her bodysuit next to my bed and then my kitchen flooded when i was at work and after she left to go back to her side of the city.
now i can't help but idly smell this outfit while my apartment turns into a lewd aquarium.
98 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-06 08:04
Making babies with the soft and cute girl.
99 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-06 23:36
The sex
100 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-07 00:16
now I know my ABCs, oppai ga daisuki
101 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-07 19:52
Sparring with your martial arts gf turns lewd, like one of those wrestling pornos.
102 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-07 22:28
Crush me big monkey, crush me!
103 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-08 13:27
Working alone today so fuck yes I am observing every squishy cosplayer photo on my Twitters.
104 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-10 02:18
Shark toothed girl chewing on a hairy cock!
105 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-10 11:39
Obligated to perpetual forward motion, the torpedolike cockshark penetrates dolphin and sperm whale alike
106 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-10 19:06
WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY: the lewdening of the dog girl begins with a deceptively simple smooch!!
107 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-11 11:59
Waking up early enough to overload the Morning Wood System, and having a POWERFUL early morning's fap.
108 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-12 08:03
The Way of the Exploding Fist
109 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-12 10:39
110 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-12 16:07
Camwhores at the top of they ahegao game
111 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-12 16:49
Pointing out to her how soft and squishy she is after being hands-on.
112 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-13 08:13
Thyque physique.
113 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-13 15:57
114 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-13 20:21
My manhood has risen for de 'bate
115 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-14 05:57
Dog girl has been smooched!! My penis howls at the moon like a wolf penis in heat!
116 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-14 06:39
My shoe is off! My feet are cold! I have a dick I like to hold!
117 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-14 09:29
I strongly desire a soft and cute girl to fornicate with.
118 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-14 16:55
"Desired softness is softness desired."
—Benito Squisholini
119 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-14 17:02
More like bonito fuckolini, amirite
120 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-14 22:36
Today a smooch, tomorrow two
Eventually, I will FUCK you
Now holding hands, maybe a hug
But soon, a monumentus FUG
121 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-14 23:40
122 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-15 01:56
Oh yeah, the air's gonna be real hot and smuggy after I'm done making the fuck.
123 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-15 08:42
I keep having lewd dreams now. The time since my last sexual intercourse with a human female has been too long.
124 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-17 16:51
Sticking a small LED light down the urethral meatus so that it illuminates as it irrumates
125 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-18 22:13
My cute girl friend recently broke up with her man because she was, quoth her, "too much of a tramp." For some context, this is in fact the same cute girl friend of my dreams, most famous for her appearance in the lauded hard nipple hug dream last year. This is a problem because her newfound freedom has sparked a renaissance in my lewd fantasies of her, and I once more struggle with feelings of infidelity at the expense of my new flex, a lewd force in her own right that deserves my undivided lewd energy. If my friend's hard nipples return to my dreams, I don't think I'll be able to keep myself from having a hard nipple fap very soon, and that internal conflict is simultaneously distressing and arousing.
126 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-18 23:19
VIP QUALITY cryptopolygyny
127 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-20 21:47
I desired the SOFT thighs of a CUTE girl wrapped around my face NOW.
128 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-21 08:13
In the middle of a steamy make out session, dog girl husky-ly interjects that it's getting late, and that we should leave soon. Mere SECONDS later it's make out part II, and my penis has gotten EVEN HARDER. Wednesdays are fucking great, and soon they'll be FUCKING great
129 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-21 09:26
Mutahar Anas
130 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-21 12:26
Sex goblins
131 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-21 18:26
Very soft girl cuddles with my penis.
132 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-22 08:48
133 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-22 11:40
Vinyl Goddess from Mars
134 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-24 07:23
135 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-24 15:17
So soft and squishy holy shit I just wanna SQUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISH:
136 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-24 19:31
Girls are the best software developers as they come of age and develop their softwares both frontend and backend with an irresistible attention to haptic feedback.
137 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-24 20:17
138 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-25 03:23
When dog girl gets flustered during the lewdening, she moans "NOOOOOOO~~" and it literally just sounds like a husky trying to talk. No furry but when I heard her make those cute sounds, I almost murdered her with my penis right then and there.
139 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-25 13:56
I want to see my girlfriend's belly swell with my children. Her hips will widen and her boobs will become tight with milk, but most importantly, she'll get rounder and rounder and heavier and wider and I want to give her that. I want to hold her and her belly as she gets bigger and bigger.
140 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-25 13:58
Sudden miscarriage porn
141 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-25 17:15
| ||
|| |_
142 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-26 16:32
Making out until 4:30 AM on a motherfucking Monday because you're both very stupid and comically lewd.
143 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-27 00:10
When is it appropriate to tell a girl that you're masturbating?

I've known her for two years and we already know about each other's taste in porn.
144 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-27 15:00
That part when she starts repeating her mind is breaking and uhyaa in Japanese.
145 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-27 17:48
What context is this even happening in? Like, if she were to ask you why you're busy right now, it might be okay.
146 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-27 17:53
But if she's jealous about your wasting seed like Onan, just fap away and say nothing. Maybe a heavy breath or two.
147 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-27 18:27
Oh by the way I masturbate.
148 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-27 20:13
Her: "Could you take out the trash, it stinks."
You: "No! I am MASTURBATING right now!"
149 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-27 21:18
Waifu Wednesday has cum yet again, and in case you're wondering, yes--so have I.
150 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-28 00:23
If your personality revolves around the humor of too much information, then you're right on track.
But I'm extremely modest so I would always suggest a "give me an hour (or less)".
151 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-28 10:32
or less

That's what she said.
152 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-28 12:35
Give me all the boobs, or fewer
153 Name: VIPPER 2019-02-28 19:31
Unless you're already sexually involved, it will just look like a gross attempt at coming on to her if you tell her you're diddlin' yourself.
154 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-01 00:27
Mr. Bear's bare bear ass, I can hardly bear it
155 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-01 15:03
The soft woman approaches me with her softness. She is soft and naked and I rejoice in every squish I perform on her exquisite flesh.
156 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-01 22:44
butt sex
157 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-02 03:36
Laying in bed thinking about how badly I want to make kiss and make fuck with dog girl as she makes those cute little howls, again. Wednesday can't cum fast enough, and neither can I.
158 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-02 14:08
159 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-02 14:50
A comfortable Saturday morning's fap after a restful night's sleep.
160 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-03 21:39
I want to be a woman, but in the fetish kind of way.
161 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-03 22:54
162 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-04 11:36
163 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-04 12:56
but instead of semen there's blood
164 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-04 15:42
165 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-05 10:52
iron > protein, breh
166 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-06 01:12
167 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-06 01:33
There's NOTHING holding me back. EVERY obstacle has be
168 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-06 01:34
....en taken into account. Even accidentally pressing "Reply" before completing a post. THAT is the level of dedication I have to the ultimate FUCK that will happen tomorrow.
169 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-06 18:32
ultimate fuckwad of ultimate destiny
170 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-06 21:49
171 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-07 13:06
Strong girls and girly boys melt my heart.
172 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-07 13:34
I want to suck a hard throbbing muscle cock and swallow waves of sticky cum
173 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-07 19:46
Dog girl using her comically small hands to stroke my comically large cock. No longer a fantasy, this is real life and it is lewd as FUCK
174 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-07 21:39
Listen, if you were gonna chronicle your wednesday dog-dicking saga like this, you could've climaxed it better than with "I have a big penis"
175 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-08 00:14
176 Name: Liam G. (male) 2019-03-08 14:27
He's Michael Jackson and he's been with some boys,
It's pretty easy when he shows them his toys.

When penis enters asshole it won't matter if you're black or white.
177 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-08 21:45
I'm sure it's an error in translation and he really has a pig penis.
178 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-08 23:10
Alright, I didn't think I would be posting in this thread because I don't have this place on my mind when I have lewd thoughts, but here is my message that I sent to my friend because I knew he'd get a kick out of it:

Oh god I'm at the point of being sick where I'm becoming delusional
Dead or Alive 6 forums (it's a fighting game)
Asshat arguing that one of the characters who is short and DFC isn't 18 and is only in for pedos
Character's bio says she's 18
"lol i mean yeah it SAYS she's but everyone knows she's not"
start imagining porn where it starts out normal but a scene plays where the girl takes out her birth certificate and it says 18
the guy takes some white-out and makes it say 16 and begins to laugh maniacally
everyone starts freaking out and screaming
fires everywhere
police start raiding the production set
179 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-08 23:33
That wonderfully lewd feeling of inevitability when wooing a new girl is my favorite thing. You go on dates, you hang out, everything’s cute and fun. You cuddle, you kiss, still PG, what a nice wholesome couple you are. But in your heart of hearts, you know the truth. You look this soft, sweet girl in the eye and and with a lewd smile you muse, "soon, my penis will destroy her."
180 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-09 00:20
181 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-10 13:50
Crash victims have to fuck too right? I’d love to fondle her cast as we make sweet PTSD-ridden love
182 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-10 17:30
forcibly inserting my pee-pee
183 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-12 11:00
Squishy cosplayers on my twitter timeline again...
184 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-12 13:29
They're so squishy I am getting a boner at work. Oh, no.
185 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-12 15:49
Working on the rewrite as we speak, I'll post the edited climax for review tomorrow.
186 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-12 20:58
Thank you. I expect to write a glowing review, or else I'll have to write a scathing or perhaps even moderate review.
187 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-13 20:42
That was certainly most premiere an autoerotic experience. 9/11 would jerk again
188 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-15 20:38
Vehement amount of squish, both 2D and 3D, on my Twitter timeline again.
189 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-15 23:12
Pitching a tenement in my pants
190 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-16 12:25
Lolis shitting, ass to mouth.
191 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-16 23:41
A week’s hiatus to perfect the ultimate expression of lewd canine intent.
192 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-17 13:40
r34 roxanne goofy movie
193 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-18 01:02
a great big poop with a ghost coming out of it
194 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-18 17:33
195 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-20 18:44
Ghost coming from butt
196 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-20 19:11
Genie coming from a butt
197 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-20 19:19
Three slaps
198 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-21 10:13
Super soft and squishy cosplayers...
199 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-24 02:49
Mario getting chunched
200 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-24 07:05
One hundred women in this world have two hundred boobies
201 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-24 16:36
Rinshi!!! Ekoda-tyaaaang
202 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-24 17:11
203 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-25 01:14
those guys in Outlast with their penises out
204 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-25 18:26
Boredom boners ravaging your genitals during class
205 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-25 23:14
Freedom boners erecting like a bald eagle. Woohoo god bless Amurca
206 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-26 13:31
207 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-28 21:15
Unleashing FAT loads on dog girl’s dogly body on a Thursday morning
208 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-30 11:48
Squishing exquisitely soft areas of a cute girl's body.
209 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-30 14:57
Releasing VSauce from my DONG
210 Name: VIPPER 2019-03-30 18:28
211 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-01 12:32
Cool it, buttqueef
212 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-01 14:02
That satisfying, lewd, evil moment where you plan out exactly how you'll destroy the soft girl with your penis. She has no idea what kind of seminal retribution is coming.
213 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-01 18:19
Tall, pale, butt like a Greek statue, blonde, bent over the counter HNNNNGG
214 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-02 00:29
My cute girl is too soft, I want her to be rougher with me. Sometimes a guy just wants some nice, visceral, vampire-tier neck bites. I may try to coax some more force out of her when we do the naughty next.
215 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-02 07:14

216 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-03 16:01
Fap fasting today in the name of a ludicrous load tomorrow
217 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-05 21:26
Sperm, my sacred brothers. Another conquest for our noble cause will soon fall into our hands. No tissues or pairs of underwear this time, my comrades. Soon, you will descend upon SOFT FLESH.
218 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-05 22:26
Improving my hand-to-japseye coördination
219 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-07 03:43
First the ankle, now you're concussed. Don't worry, there is plenty more protein-rich """medicine""" that I can give to you........

........(To be clear, that statement meant that I'm still willing to have sex with you)
220 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-08 20:41
cringe thread
221 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-09 05:19
apes and rapes
222 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-09 09:43
Was about to bake some muffins yesterday, but discovered having ran out of rape oil
223 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-09 13:34
Very soft and very squishy girl thighs being greeted by my face.
224 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-09 18:38
A wholesome, PG-rated night spent with your girl, but also you have a boner.
225 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-10 11:09
Unusual pupils
226 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-10 11:27
Unrealistic Hedgehogs
227 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-11 17:57
Tiny yet legal-age hands jerking you off
228 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-11 18:39
Tiny illegal hands jerking you off
229 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-11 22:49
Tiny little pixies jacking you off with about 40 to 50 hands total
230 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-11 22:49
Tiny oni hands accidentally tearing your dick off while attempting to jerk you off.
231 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-12 20:45
Passionate and overzealous "welcome home" sex
232 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-13 12:19
233 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-14 18:35
So... they're doing triple anal now
234 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-14 22:22
never enough anal
235 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-15 12:33
236 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-16 12:48
Bobba me harder
237 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-16 22:25
Punishing your jewish girl for destroying a national treasure, sexually
238 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-17 02:25
239 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-17 19:35
speeding Bad Dragon dildo
240 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-17 21:27
clench is such a lewd word
241 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-17 22:16
Powerleveling some lewd orifices
242 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-18 15:34
let it all out
243 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-18 22:51
BJ's "spear of destiny" if you know what I mean
244 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-19 15:03
Giving dog girl the human dick on a balmy Friday night
245 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-19 15:38
Inverted nipples in real life! I’m going diamond!!!
246 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-20 16:49
S * Q * U * I * S * H * Y * T * H * I * G * H * S *
247 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-20 18:02
enormous, disgusting, dripping cock
248 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-20 18:13
Spooning to go to sleep and she does that little scoot that makes her ass squish against your contently hardening penis. Maximum comfort, moderate lewdness.
249 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-20 18:18
Me so kawaii
250 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-20 20:21
mommy gf with big milky
251 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-21 12:16
Estrogen finally flowing through my veins endowing me with a big fat bumbum
252 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-21 16:16
The volleyball physique is perhaps the single most sexually attractive athletic body type there is. I wish to sexually destroy a volleyball player with all of my power and penile ability.
253 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-22 18:28
254 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-22 19:42
Your mom's a lady of the night and her sexual morals are pretty loose!
255 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-23 08:49
256 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-23 18:24
A shameful boner as I fantasize about infidelity
257 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-23 19:22
Meeting my girl tomorrow right after work and the lewd energy will be lethal. My sharp VIP work clothes are physically incapable of containing my erection, and when my professional mental blocks come away she will have a very large problem on her hands.
258 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-23 19:40
259 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-23 21:33
Donkey Kong's monkey dong
260 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-24 09:03
Acute peotillomania
261 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-24 09:45
That feel when you find out that that thing your parents used to spank you for when you were a kid has a medical name.
262 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-24 21:48
Thank you so much for letting me know there's a name for this. Now I can explain to my girlfriend why it always looks like I'm masturbating in fancy restaurants!
263 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-25 02:31
My fap fast is driving me insane... When I break the seal I will destroy her with my penis, then drown her in a wave of semen
264 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-25 10:41
Yeah, been there done that blew two weeks' load in five seconds then fell asleep
265 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-25 10:55
Have I hooked into the lewd hivemind? I did that as well...
266 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-26 19:50
I want to have the sex with you, and I want it to be plentiful.
267 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-26 23:01
Whomstever thought that abstinence makes one better at sex was a fool, like the guy who invented sticking a q-tip down your urethra.
268 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-26 23:30
penis in the poophole
269 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-27 02:33
If I keep off fapping or sex for days I can hardly concentrate and I will last for a maximum of two strokes of the penis.
270 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-28 17:49
s3x in Happy Wheels
271 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-28 23:44
Jerking off to female character deaths in Happy Wheels
272 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-29 01:10
Reacharounds for everyone!
273 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-29 01:12
The soft and cute girl thinking she is going to be rude and provocative when she moons me but she only manages to be lewd and provoke my erection.
274 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-29 02:29
Jerking off to child character deaths in Happy Wheels
275 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-29 18:24
With my hands wounded I can’t jerk off and I don’t want to make my girl do it if I can’t return the favor, which I can’t once again because of my hands. A worse predicament I can’t even begin to imagine
276 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-29 18:42
Use your mouth you pussy

that or make her take care of herself at the same time
277 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-29 21:40
skimming >>276 and thinking it said "use your mouth as a pussy"
278 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-30 07:41
An extremely fit woman using her pussy as a mouth & chomping down on my erect member
279 Name: VIPPER 2019-04-30 20:53
Gonna play the sexophone tomorrow, but it’ll be a solo piece...
280 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-01 01:29
Fish Penis
281 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-01 13:12
A huge muscular black man who is entirely naked but painted in camo to look like a tree.
282 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-02 11:09
283 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-02 13:16
I don't think my balls have ever been this blue. I woke up to PAINS. PAINS in my hungry yearning testicles.
284 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-02 16:10
285 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-02 17:58
Jerking tirelessly
286 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-02 18:14
clearly you're going to have to take drastic measures. cut them off.
287 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-03 00:05
Fuck one adult loli and it’s just an outlier. Do it twice and suddenly you’re the guy who’s into women who look like kids. They’re fully developed women and they fuck like it, okay, we’re following Tiki rules here. I’m a shameless lolicon but I’m a law-abiding one.
288 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-03 00:42
sticking it in the anus hole
289 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-03 12:52
The whole "pedobait" meme sounds like fat bitches tryna deny well-preserved 25 year olds their well-deserved dickings.
290 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-04 03:26
291 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-04 15:08
292 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-04 19:47
Latching onto my neck with her dogly mouth and making me utter terribly lewd sounds. Heaven is a place on earth.
293 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-05 18:05
The soft catgirl going "nyan, nyan" between each trust.
294 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-05 21:47
295 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-06 16:08
Soft girl thighs getting SQUISHED with my face and hands.
296 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-06 16:26
Late, but
Big Chinese oppias popping out the sides of a traditional Chinese dress.
297 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-06 17:47
You got it confused with an apron.
298 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-06 23:56
Soft hipster city bitches to dick down in summer flings.
299 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-07 08:13
300 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-08 08:14
Push her in the bush.
301 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-08 12:17
Soft girl making my penis hard.
302 Name: Bas dig 2019-05-08 12:50
303 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-08 14:03
*pees on you*
how's this?
304 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-08 14:48
Commencing my diabolical plan to obtain a birthday blowjob
305 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-09 13:47
Fapping and cumming until your boner’s so sore and sensitive it cries out, "no more, master! No more!!"
306 Name: Bas dig 2019-05-09 20:20
307 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-11 18:52
a peepee or a vagoon
308 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-11 19:47
is this a poll??
309 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-11 20:12
310 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-13 00:13
If she wants to kiss you after getting a load in her mouth, ask instead for a wank and offer to shake her hand
311 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-13 08:16
I did not expect such an abundance of squishy cosplayers on my Twitter timeline yet again.
312 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-13 20:06
Super Duper Pooper Pounder
313 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-15 14:18
314 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-15 21:54
315 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-15 21:59
>>313 u mena stoccings
316 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-16 11:52
wtf is happening, after a barrage of "cute and soft" on here suddenly now other people unrelated to this websight have started using it on the internets to describe something wholesome and desirable???
317 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-16 12:36
Going on a quest to smite infidels and take back our wonderful phrase by way of the sword, and the penis.
318 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-16 15:10
"The penis is mightier than the sword", as they say
319 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-16 19:19
God help me there is this dummy thicc goth girl in front of me on the train. I desire to squish her thighs so badly. Gothicc is so overpowering of my concentration.
320 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-16 21:31
With or without a leashable septum piercing tho?
321 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-17 08:43
[ejaculates internally]
322 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-17 12:06
Only ear piercings.
323 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-17 17:32
smegma sandwich
324 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-17 19:47
tanuki balls
325 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-17 22:09
raped by the zoo tiger
326 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-18 09:37
I desire a cute and soft girl for sexual purposes.
327 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-18 13:27
a cute and soft tiger cub raping >>326
328 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-18 17:24
329 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-18 18:56
a cute girl that looks like a boy but isn't!
330 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-18 22:03
raped by Harambe
331 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-18 23:12
Girls out for Harambe
332 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-19 01:28
Small tits wide hips
333 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-19 03:46
farting penis
334 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-19 11:38
phallus pharts
335 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-19 12:12
phat asses
336 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-19 16:26
337 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-19 16:31
338 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-20 09:59
Just squishy girls on my twitter timeline today. The squish is so delicious I can almost smell and feel it.
339 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-20 14:59
masturbating monkey meat
340 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-21 01:59
rape and gape
341 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-21 07:35
A good night smooch and a good morning bang.
342 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-21 15:56
black mascara tears staining the soft pink pillowcases
343 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-22 04:22
Gleeful sexual debauchery to celebrate our newfound freedom from tyranny.
344 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-22 09:52
Squishing her exquisite softness.
345 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 02:46
Distance makes the penis grow harder. She will be decimated after these 2 months pass.
346 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 02:47
man i really want to fuck a sweaty high schooler
347 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 04:04
I'm sure Beavis & Butt-head want to fuck you too
348 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 05:43
girl! i meant girl!
349 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 07:30
Embracing her undressed squish with my face.
350 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 13:17
One day the stars will align, there will be nothing to do and nobody around, and I will dump innumerable loads into my Rite Aid fleshlight in a day filled with evil lewd deeds
351 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 22:44
I really looked at my gf's bare feet for the first time today, like truly appraised them with my refined lewd eye. Much to my surprise, as I studied further my penis began responding positively to them. Could I be a closeted footfaggot, or was it simply my association of her feet with the rest of her lewd body?
352 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-23 23:17
Must've been the end of your refractory interval. Footfags don't just discover themselves one day looking at bare feet.
353 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-24 15:00
Lots of squishy 2D girls on my twitters this time,but by the same guy who also goes on squishy 3D girls reposting sprees.
354 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-24 19:56
buttfuckable bunny
355 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-24 20:46
Why are the dumbest people given the sexiest bodies? It’s like a challenge to you and your penis, "how much can you endure in your quest to fuck the perfect ass?"
356 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-24 22:01
357 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-25 04:28
I want to FUCK.
358 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-25 14:13
People who are hot get to ride on that so have little incentive to do otherwise, people who are not have to develop themselves in other ways if they want to be relevant or interesting. Think Tyrion Lannister developing his smarts because he wasn't going to get ahead on looks.
359 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-26 11:07
crashing my rocket ship into Uranus
360 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-26 22:14
I see my soft girl in person one more time before we spend half of the summer long distance. I feel like i'm preparing for battle, I want the night before our parting to be THE night, a new level of lewd intent that hasn't been seen before.
361 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-27 00:00
I pounded the soft girl so hard my penis hurts now...
362 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-27 01:37
I will smile if your roommate fucks it for you again
363 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-27 21:27
I won't allow it this time, if I'm forced to then I'll cockslap him away on my warpath to her vagina.
364 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-28 23:54
WHO CARES if she’ll probably get breast cancer, inverted nipples IRL are the best thing ever.
365 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-29 08:29
titfucking cancerous breasts
366 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-29 15:34
Very soft girl butt rubbing against my face. Mmmmhmmmmmmm~
367 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-29 21:59
Giving the sheets that secretive, subtle sniff to see if her scent's still on them
368 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-30 20:48
ejaculating penises
369 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-31 02:20
370 Name: VIPPER 2019-05-31 10:16
the sexed butt
371 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-01 14:11
I wanna Charles Diccens on her soft thiccens.
372 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-01 14:56
Emily Dickinson? No. Emily Thiccinson.
373 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-01 22:34
the queen's queefing quim
374 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-02 01:40
octopus abuse
375 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-03 00:41
big dumb tiddies
376 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-03 01:35
Classic Penis comics
377 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-06 02:27
Are dragon cloaca spicy to fuck, I wonder
378 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-06 19:00
"willing" is such an erotic word
379 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-06 23:00
will willing willingly willingness will-to-power world-as-will-and-representation
380 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-07 20:45
skeleton boners
381 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-08 10:44
Skeletor boners
382 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-08 18:00
Mashed potatoes
383 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-08 18:34
I often fantasize about sexing different kinds of fuckable foods. There isn’t enough porn of men cumming into large fruits, vegetables, etc.
384 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-09 00:30
Porn is usually for fantasizing about things you can't do yourself. Why watch some loser fuck a melon when you can just buy one and do it yourself?
385 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-09 00:37
If veg porn were produced well, the guy would have a big potato masher dick.
386 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-09 03:07
making chocolate milk but the ingredients are actually neither chocolate nor milk
387 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-09 11:21
Wistfully dreaming of doing terrible degenerate things to my gf. These months can’t pass fast enough, distance really does make the cock grow harder
388 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-09 13:56
How to summon a succubus that won't rip my dick and balls right off
389 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-09 16:16
The more away time I have from my gf the more I desire SQUISHY SOFT FEMALE FLESH to consume with my face, hands, and penis.
390 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-09 16:46
Creepy chinese camwhores
391 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-10 00:14
wolf pen0r
392 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-10 06:34
The hard nipple girl of my dreams keeps asking me when we’re going to finally fall in love and fug, and my penis is distressed over it
393 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-10 13:04
Ugh, a new Commander Keen game for mobile. Looks very tacky. I wonder what rule34.paheal has to say about this.

Haha, that was very fast, I'm proud of you Internet.
At least there is incest rule34 to redeem it...

Oh, and Yorp prostitution.
394 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-10 15:52
a pig jerking off in a house of brown bricks
395 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-11 06:23
396 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-11 09:44
Commander Keen rule 34 was already some of the most priceless stuff ever. Someone made the predictable joke and drew King Boobus Tuber, with boobs.

But they went the extra mile to make them saggy grannybags, with a weird long saggy dick too.
397 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-11 13:34
Oh yeah, stick your turgid addend in my gaping augend
398 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-11 19:50
399 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-12 10:41
Horrible, I grew up on that game series and now it's ruined.

King Boobus Tuber, with boobs
I love it thank you.
400 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-12 20:37
I have brought my significant other (a cute girl) to at least 42 orgasms over the past 6 days. On one of those days we counted 19, which broke her previous record of 14. On two of those days we roasted gourmet marshmallows around a campfire at sunset, which didn't involve orgasms but was still very pleasant and I recommend it.

Sexual acts performed during this time included (incomplete list):
- passionate kissing
- neck biting
- light choking
- hand/wrist licking (this happens to turn her on a lot)
- manual nipple stimulation
- oral nipple stimulation
- nippular nipple stimulation
- erotic massage, esp. buttocks
- inner thigh licking
- fingering
- cunnilingus
- cunnilingus with fingering (recommended)
- fellatio
- mutual masturbation
- sumata (she manages to enjoy this even more than I do, somehow)
- the sex
401 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-13 06:44
Foreplay for me is about 1 hour of squishing her thighs.
402 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-13 13:18
Why bother with all that shit when you could just get her drunk?
403 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-14 20:20
cold pubes
404 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-14 23:23
I'm going to go down the entirety of VIPPER's list with my girl when this fucking exile has ended, and I'll sneer at Zeus the entire time
405 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-18 00:51
shark in alien robot vagina
406 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-18 02:27
Cuddling with your cute girl and then she snuggles her butt into your crotch.
407 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-18 07:50
408 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-18 17:59
Captain Picard getting fucked in the ass by a demon
409 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-18 18:05
fingering Grandma's ghost
410 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-18 19:04
Don't touch my nan nan!
411 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-18 20:13
easy there, obviously I meant my Grandma, not yours.
412 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-18 22:06
the port in the front is real loose, but the port in the back is real tight, much better
413 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-19 01:29
if the front is real loose, try the caboose
414 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-19 04:03
Feeling so blindingly lewd that you post in the wrong thread
415 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-19 04:09
Oh that's ok then.
416 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-21 13:08
Jerking off to her Facebook photos like it’s the 2000s.
417 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-21 14:43
418 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-21 15:58
Pokemon sex crimes division
419 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-22 16:32
Small chested women with their arms crossed under their chest.
420 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-22 20:11
Speak of the devil, she updated her profile pic with some quality picture from her little boating adventure.Her friends see a cute summer photo, I see thighs and blue swimming pantsu.
421 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-24 11:04
Black swimming pantsu today, what a gift. Thinking of slightly dangerous aquatic sex
422 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-24 19:58

423 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-25 10:21
Dogfucking (metaphorically) on the beach
424 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-25 14:04
Imagine thy favourite seiyuu slobbering on a fat, hairy, stiff and veiny penis.
425 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-25 18:48
AAAAAAAH what can I do when I see just the thiccest squishiest perkiest adorablest shortstackingest British-dialect speaking qt3.14 out on the streets?

She forgot her luggage on the bus and just stood there waiting to pick it up as the bus returned.

I'd give her my dick to bury myself between her cheeks. God fucking damn she was so dummy thicc.
426 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-25 19:29
Quit it you bastard, you're making me miss my own shortstack. One more week until the lewd nuke explodes in a mountain of semen
427 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-26 01:36
penis jizz came out
428 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-26 03:22
becoming a born again virgin to blend in with dangerous folk and divorce yourself from perverse distractions
429 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-26 15:32
I've been lying in wait for days in order to penetrate her armor plating with my anti-tank rifle.
430 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-26 16:29
Ravishing thine thees and thous, o whither and yonder
431 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-27 19:39
Making chocolate milk, but the ingredients are actually neither chocolate nor milk.
432 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-28 12:52
Cumfart McGee
433 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-28 17:59
433 ways to cum, choose one
434 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-29 21:40
ejaculating in the chocolate socket
435 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-29 23:07
436 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-29 23:21
Taking five in my old room while housesitting at parents'
437 Name: VIPPER 2019-06-30 05:11
438 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-01 00:51
Mike Matei's enormous penis
439 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-01 12:03
I am NOT allowed to jerk off until tomorrow afternoon.
440 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-01 14:12
fuck the police
in whatever way necessary
441 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-01 16:01
I have it all, a perfect soft girlfriend with the booty and the body, yet here I am jerking off to chubby Asians online like I'm still in high school.
442 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-02 00:05
On one hand, my mom's on her deathbed, unlikely to get lucid before passing. On the other, the nurse who took my number to tell the doc to call me was young, hot, and kept the conversation going beyond what's necessary which to me implies thirst. So now I'm having low-key fantasies about my mom's deathbed nurse giving me a gobby in the hospital supply closet. Thanks, SAoVQ
443 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-02 00:45
dick goes in, dick goes out, you can't explain that!
444 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-02 03:44
Soft squish getting squought.
445 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-02 05:39
dicks out for Harambe
446 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-02 13:41
poophole sex
447 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-03 05:51
I hear something out of my window.
448 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-03 21:55
Mere days left before the EPIC reunion and subsequent fuckening
449 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-04 01:00
Mike Matei's enormous penis
450 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-05 14:26
I am going to bring my masturbation station (my laptop) to work next week for a presentation. I get a little carried away when I fap so it has plenty of visible cumstains, but I am going to try my best to wipe them all off.

I hope no one else will need to have a look at it up close in case I didn't get all the stains.
451 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-05 15:49
I'd worry more about accidentally showing porn on the presentation
452 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-05 22:19
tobacco scented bushy beards
453 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-06 07:58
doing unspeakable things with the Longer Furby
454 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-06 08:18
I am deleting the web browser.
455 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-06 19:18
You have to use your own computer at work? What kind of VC-funded, bulletproof-drinking, starbucks-meeting-room hipster shit is this?
456 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-07 09:28
The Viet Cong are funding stuff like this now?
457 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-07 10:32
Doing naughty things in an underground tunnel with my unbathed VC GF
458 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-07 17:48
The Viet Cong are gluten-free now?
459 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-07 19:28
Microsoft. (Not joking.)
460 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-07 20:06
>>459 Don't hold back. They deserve to see every cum stain you can give them. Just fuckin' Pollock that laptop with everything you have. Go nuts with your nuts. Force them to incinerate everything that abomination even wafts near.
461 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-08 11:52
And sneak gross porn into the presentation.
462 Name: Tyler Durden 2019-07-08 19:38
Nice big cock
463 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-08 22:10
ಥ ͜ʖ ಥ
464 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-09 01:36
The time has cum. The rains have vanished, the humidity has broken. Tomorrow I will quite literally coat her orifices with my righteous semen.
465 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-09 16:42
exhuming my gigantic bone to give you a tyranno sore ass
466 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-09 20:04
Is there a word for french kissing a girl in the vagina, besides cunnilingus
467 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-11 03:29
black mermaids
468 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-11 11:13
I love supersquishy and supersoft cute girls. HNNNNNNNGHNNNGHN
469 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-11 14:19
I love supercapacitors
470 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-11 23:09
I just want to do drugs and give her butt a languid, relaxed high person’s squish
471 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-12 04:05
and rape
472 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-12 12:58
Angela Ballsack
473 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-13 20:28
there's something special about the imagery of girls (female) in front of urinals
can't wait to get home and touch myself
474 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-13 20:51
implying they're actually girls (female)
475 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-14 04:30
non-female girls
476 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-14 06:15
Feeling up her soft squish.
477 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-14 16:41
Feeling up her hard dick.
478 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-16 06:05
Getting the suck from an Israeli cutie while you look into her PTSD-ridden eyes
479 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-16 09:51
Taking a deep whiff of my coach's sweaty feet when she takes her socks off at the end of practice.
480 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-17 01:45
smashing that poop hole
481 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-17 11:59
Discount sex at a middle-eastern refugee camp~
482 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-20 05:25
My beautiful Eastern flower, how I long to ravage you
483 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-20 13:39
Today I tried putting things up my peehole. I was quite surprised by just the level of stretching was attainable for a novice. I even managed to fit a Sharpie! Once you get past the "ew" factor, it's very plaesurable.
484 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-20 14:03
485 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-20 15:36
Speaking of dog girl, I can’t wait to get home and put some peanut butter on my balls, if you know what I mean
486 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-20 18:07
covering Kancolle girls with my seamen
487 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-21 10:25
Step into the room, give her a forcible smooch and say the time-honored phrase: "WOMAN! Sit on my face."
488 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-21 16:49
Strictly heterosexual lewdness
489 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-21 18:40
490 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-22 02:02
Gay furry pron
491 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-22 12:09
492 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-22 15:17
Slowly unlocking the endless powers of the mind for the explicit purpose of masturbating to my fantasies more accurately
493 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-23 19:50
Sometimes you see someone so hot you step back and think, "she could only be more lewd if she had a penis"
494 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-24 17:15
I want the choke fug so badly it HURTS
495 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-26 13:44
Counting the days until I can have a squishy butt on my crotch again
496 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-26 16:06
salty lemonade
497 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-26 18:12
yuck! this isn't lemonade!
do you have any milk?
498 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-26 21:19
Thanks motherfuck now lactation is my new jam
499 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-27 00:53
always honored to be your motherfuck, bro~
500 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-27 09:48
making orgasm groans while applying the Stellar Coverter to my enemy's planet
501 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-27 19:18
I could get behind motherfucking someone else’s mum
502 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-27 22:52
A cute girl's crusty pantsu!
503 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-28 03:14
Goat Stimulator
504 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-28 09:24
sushi pizza
505 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-28 16:18
Giving the Jewish loli my hot furnace smokestack
506 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-28 17:33
Oh nein! Herr Doktor Professor! Your bunsen burner has burnt my bunsen!
507 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-28 17:36
508 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-28 18:14
You can tell she's JEWS from the way her huge loli cock is circumcised
509 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-28 20:07
That gloriously lewd feeling when you find THE most perfect-fitting condom of all time. I'm buying them in bulk and going on a warpath against my many lewd devices.
510 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-28 21:59
Dokidoki Cock Frotting Futanari Onahole
511 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-29 00:03
Big fat titties and thick thighs
512 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-29 11:46
Plutonium-chan's lewd gamma rays~
513 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-29 13:55
God I love summer, so many top-shelf broads showing off everything. I can't beat the heat, but they can make me beat my meat
514 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-29 14:54
God I love summer, so many top-shelf hunks showing off everything. I can't beat the heat, but they can make me beat my meat
515 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-29 18:04
An afternoon fap while the rice cooker does its magic
516 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-30 01:44
Two handfuls of breast and a content smooch
517 Name: VIPPER 2019-07-31 06:51
Drinking some wine before bed is all fun and games until you wake up at 2 AM with a titanium erection.
518 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-01 20:41
Drinking some radium water before bed is all fun and games until you wake up at 2 AM and your jaw comes off.
519 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-01 21:14
Wading in up to both elbows
520 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-02 00:18
Semen in the milkshake
521 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-02 01:09
making chocolate milk but the ingredients are neither chocolate nor milk
522 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-02 03:17
Fuck the JEWS, like for real with your penis
523 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-03 13:44
Two dicks filling her vag.
524 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-03 18:59
a qt thinking she can get away with not wearing a bra in public
525 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-03 20:28
526 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-04 00:46
sexy user interfaces programmed with qt
527 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-04 12:46
Preparing for an epic porn session and cumming within 20 seconds.
528 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-04 13:58
An unfortunately relatable issue. You have big plans, you’re going to binge porn and jerk off like 20 times, and then you bust once and it all disappears
529 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-04 16:19
I went to the gym instead.
530 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-05 22:12
penetrating the poop passage
531 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-06 04:09
I want to rape Cloudflare’s anus.
532 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-06 17:20
I want break every bone, broken or otherwise, in a cripple's body
533 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-07 02:35
mega guro
534 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-07 03:30
I just want the soft girl to choke me as she does the sex to my penis, is that so monumental of a task
535 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-07 08:16
Did you know that girls are soft and cute so that your penis will become hard and release so that you are going to form the babies? :3c
536 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-07 11:41
Dog girl's teats have gotten bigger I think, time to make a litter
537 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-07 13:26
538 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-07 21:07
When I was a kid I thought Japanese grils had sideways vaginas for some reason. When I found internet porn and saw all the pixels I thought that must be the reason why they censored them.
539 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-09 10:42
Porn isn't doing it for me anymore.


I can't wait for my gf to get out of hospital and get well again so I can insert my penis into her once again.
540 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-09 16:48
Why wait, do the hospital fuck
541 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-09 19:47
She is gushing blood. It is not sexy.
542 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-09 19:58
You scared of getting your red wings, boy?
543 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-09 22:42
Letting her know you care by banging before the wounds have healed
544 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-10 00:58
Raped by Spider Man
545 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-11 20:13
poopy penis
546 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-11 20:39
Sixteen inch kitten splitter
547 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-12 00:00
5 months is a long time to just use your hand after experiencing the joys of soft flesh, next chance I get someone’s sitting on my face
548 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-13 20:09
I kneaded tits (´・ω・)
549 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-13 21:09
Having knodden a titey~
550 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-14 19:29
A hefty, powerful morning’s wood
551 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-15 19:18
Woodchucks chucking wood
552 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-15 19:56
I want to physically fight a girl and have desperate mid-battle sex. It's been a powerful urge of mine for quite some time and I have no clue how to introduce it into the bedroom without either an awkward, risky talk or just taking the first sexual swing
553 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-16 06:51
554 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-16 08:48
I rolled into a vat full of a thousand cats
555 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-16 13:56
Intercourse in a nonexistent telephone network prefix
556 Name: RAPE HORSE 2019-08-16 19:22
my name is RAPE HORSE and I'm so horny it's crazy
557 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-16 22:19
energize the boobulator
558 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-17 05:05
Running through trial after trial in your head and your penis as you mentally simulate battle plans for The Sex
559 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-17 11:29
cybersex, not cyborg sex
560 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-17 20:55



561 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-17 23:48
I love to have ANAL SEX! With MEN and WOMEN! I am BISEXUAL!
562 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-18 11:10
You're a lowly misogynist because you only do it in the unisex hole
563 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-18 12:21

You are a buffoon if you truly think that the male anus and the female anus are comparable. Pheromones, my friend, it's all in the pheromones.
564 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-18 21:56
balls and pussy
565 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-18 23:20
566 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-19 12:54
It’s so close I can taste it, another squishy encounter of the warm kind is coming my way
567 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-19 22:04
Can’t get enough of that squishy lewd stuff
568 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-20 00:55
Completely naked, brushed with an egg wash.
569 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-20 11:40
Throwing the girl around like I’m motherfucking Tyler Durden
570 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-20 14:01
571 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-20 17:44
Goat Stimulator
572 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-21 15:04
A dark skinned, poofy-haired squish
573 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-21 15:45
I want a GIRL to beat me up! I want a SOFT SQUISHY GIRL to CRUSH MY TESTICLES!
574 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-21 22:54
poopy-haired squish
575 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-22 01:49
green peaness
576 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-25 19:52
I blew her a kiss. She caught it and stuffed it down her pants.
577 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-26 11:06
I haven't had sex in weeks.

I am perma-horny now and blow my load in milliseconds, or within a matter of strokes at most. Porn doesn't help either. I just want real, physical, delicious, soft squish undulating against my penis.
578 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-26 11:20
I'm sorry your off-brand fleshlight broke
579 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-26 18:20
That's a load out of my freaking balls
580 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-26 20:40
Satan's semen
581 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-26 21:53
Ubuntu Peculiar Prolapse
582 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-27 01:13
Taking inventory on your stable of hoes
583 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-27 17:28
good hustle~
584 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-27 17:53
Jerked off so well I was moaning and shaking.
585 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-28 02:03
Single and on the PROWL
586 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-28 12:43
587 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-29 11:00
marshmallow vampire
588 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-29 19:24
I just wanna bang a girl who looks like Vasquez from Aliens
589 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-29 23:51
can relate
590 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-30 02:19
Satan sex
591 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-31 04:30
592 Name: VIPPER 2019-08-31 22:36
593 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-01 03:16
594 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-01 06:29
The hunt for the Vasquez lookalike begins. They can’t all be gay, right?
595 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-01 12:24
Orc rape
596 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-01 13:56
Illithid rape
597 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-01 15:37
>>596 can't rape the coerced
598 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-01 21:56
599 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-02 19:30
A digital index of local hoes at your fingertips. God bless modern technology
600 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-04 00:56
The heat of the fossil fuels combining with the brain-damaging musk of the exhaust made it feel like he was in Heaven, where the dinosaurs that made his gas were giving him a blowjob to remind him of their existence.
601 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-05 05:03
I'm in nofap and I really want to fap.

Also I want to have sex.
602 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-05 06:00
603 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-05 08:30
Fist my anal
604 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-05 11:47
My hole is open, lucifer our lord
605 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-08 00:03
Hacking into the hoelodex
606 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-08 18:03
Piss fetish?! Ew!
607 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-08 21:17
608 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-08 23:03
609 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-08 23:05
610 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-09 03:30
Watching Kill Bill has only served as a painful reminder of my fetish for physically fighting women before doing the sex.
611 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-10 13:48
Dream sex is the best sex
612 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-10 22:01
I go to the dick store I get the dick I take it home I suck the dick it aint even a big deal my nugguh
613 Name: TETAS 2019-09-11 02:10
614 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-12 03:09
You thought yourself safe, but my KEIKAKU (plan) included LITERALLY all of what has transpired since the beginning of time. My penis is coming, and my probability of success is 100%!
615 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-12 20:28
Embarking on a most holy crusade for the pussy
616 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-12 23:59
617 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-15 14:14
Today on lewd debates, fat women IRL. The final boss of soft squishes? Or a kink that should stay on the other side of the computer screen??
618 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-15 14:24

They're gross, and usually insist on being treated like goddesses because 21st century culture tells women that anything short of a limb hanging off is attractive.
619 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-15 15:58
Your "usually" suggests you've either slept with enough fat women to be able to make that statement, or your exposure to the behaviour of fat women is primarily from r/incel
620 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-15 16:48
I'm sexually excited by dissing on someone rather than refuting their point directly. A doodyheadsexual if you will
621 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-16 17:06
Porn Cop
622 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-17 05:01
623 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-17 13:26
624 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-17 21:51
Captain Ahab sets sail once more
625 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-18 00:10
Ham the manpoons
626 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-18 02:51
I'm worried and I hurt.
627 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-18 02:54
Are you going to use your safeword, or do I keep whipping you?
628 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-19 13:18
My hunger is insatiable, WHERE is my soft girl with a buzzcut
629 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-20 01:28
Jizz Jackrabbit
630 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-21 13:00
631 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-21 18:44
Snapping the tiny, malnourished girl on my large, well-fed penis
632 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-22 19:54
Devious internet tomfoolery as I smugly touch my peen
633 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-22 21:54
this makes me uncomfortable in ways I can't quite put into words
634 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-23 15:43
Aladdin Dick Enhancer
635 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-25 21:49
My dick is erected
636 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-26 01:52
Styrofoam Packing Penis
637 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-26 15:24
Ah, wish there were a beautiful woman sucking my dick
638 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-26 18:53
Wistfully yearning for fellatio
639 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-26 20:02
>>633 hot
640 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-27 22:02
Are there no straight tomboys left in the world? I just want a short haired girl to touch my peen, but they all want to touch vaginas instead
641 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-27 22:16
no one wants to touch your peen bro
642 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-28 09:33
>>640 ignore >>641 I'll touch it for you
643 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-28 13:41
I'd be fine with a bisexual tomboy, as long as she's cute and her sexual fetishes are no more off-putting than feet-licking or shoving her face into my semi-ripe armpit while touching my peen
644 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-28 14:35
A girl with a feminine penis
645 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-29 12:09
Girl pussy
646 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-29 13:19
Boy pussy
647 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-30 19:23
Sasquatch penis
648 Name: VIPPER 2019-09-30 19:29
Sasquatch ass
649 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-02 12:42
That discomforted boner that you get when reading the sex and/or rape scenes in Gantz
650 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-02 15:12
ditto Berserk
651 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-02 17:54
raped by Sasquatch
652 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-03 04:35
dagger with testicles
653 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-03 04:42
anime lolitas
654 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-04 00:56
I just took a huge dump that felt like a buttfuck
655 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-04 01:48
656 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-04 16:29
pony penis
657 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-04 21:09
One day I’ll spear the white whale, or die trying
658 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-04 22:07
Regress the negress
659 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-05 02:27
Cum in her pussy
660 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-05 17:41
661 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-06 00:12
Rape an Ape
662 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-06 17:03
Deface a Netscape
663 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-06 19:24
Fuck a Firefox
664 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-06 22:58
hairy black holes
665 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-08 10:44
Praying mantis sex
666 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-08 11:15
Cannibal Corpse
667 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-08 12:10
Intercourse with Satan's next-door neighbour
668 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-09 11:08
scrote massage
669 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-09 13:02
Prince Adam anal beads
670 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-10 00:55
671 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-10 03:49
My fucking roommate walking in right at the moment of insemination. How the fuck am I supposed to get out of a situation like that
672 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-10 10:10
fucking roommate
the answer is right there
673 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-10 14:27
Lock your door you dolt
674 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-11 05:11
a land where even the penises have penises
675 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-11 12:44
and the megapenis is a meta-megapenis
676 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-11 15:58
677 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-11 16:39
He sleeps in the same room as me, he also has a key you fool. I think preemptive roommate fucking is my only option
678 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-11 20:48
Same room? That's real gay bro. No shit you've got to fuck him now.

Tell me how it goes.
679 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-13 07:37
In men... dham.
680 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-13 22:35
My kingdom for a blowjob
681 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-15 02:26
682 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-15 03:21
Fill your canteen and hop on your camel, we're headed even deeper into this dry spell
683 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-16 03:56
move your ass to shit on this gay cock
684 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-16 19:30
Blowjob Blazkowicz
685 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-16 19:54
686 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-16 20:20
Fetishistic fantasies about popping an anorexic twentysomething virgin's cherry
687 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-18 03:42
Casually browsing the hoe-lodex
688 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-21 09:58
Had a terrible ache in my cock and had to lie down. When I woke up, it was gone
689 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-22 19:51
The cock or... what?
690 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-24 03:32
I haven't had sex in months and I have come to the point where I no longer need porn to be able to cum in mere strokes of the penis. If you are in the same room as me, leave, and come back shortly thereafter chances are high I will have fapped and came already.

My life is like Mike's left hand without the female interaction...
691 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-24 16:01
Hang in there, we'll escape the desert one day
692 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-25 00:09
She's got the short hair, but my verdict's out until I ask her if she likes the movie Aliens. If the answer's yes I'm putting her in a bandanna and administering the fuck
693 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-25 12:54
You administer the dick; the fuck is merely the effect.
694 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-26 04:42
Praying to Kami-sama to bring me some poon
695 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-27 19:42
I'd like one (1) expert blowjob from a well-experienced cocksucker (female), please
696 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-28 06:43
Late night booty call turned late night homework session
697 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-29 11:05
I finally got the succ a few days ago but then my flat literally collapsed and I guess it will be another few months until the next time, if ever.
698 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-29 16:30
Blowjobs on the Richter scale
699 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-30 12:40

700 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-30 21:04
Will someone somewhere just give my penis a lick?
701 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-31 00:02
It only takes 701 licks to get to the gooey center of my meat-pop
702 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-31 04:34
Double vaginal penetration
703 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-31 05:35
Tomorrow is No Fap November! Time to fail the first step.
704 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-31 16:48
Today I realized that I have an intense desire to have the sex with a swarthy woman of Russian descent. I don't know when I could possibly act on such a fantasy, but it's out there now.
705 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-31 17:39
Misc licked
706 Name: VIPPER 2019-10-31 20:05
Pelting the girl with stones
707 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-01 15:12
Petting the stoned girl
708 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-01 19:37
709 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-01 21:13
Watching the sun set, letting out a wistful sigh, and thinking: "if only there was a butt to squish...."
710 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-02 06:46
It doesn’t say No Boner November.
711 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-03 00:02
You seem like a pathetic piece of shit desu. I would love a cake with my boyfriend’s cum in it, but your gf is probably disgusted by you, so you have to resort to sneaking it in like a little faggot.
712 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-03 16:14
Waking up I had a monumentous, dangerously powerful erection. It shocked me how turgid my penis was. Perhaps this is a sign from above (below?) that the genitalia are ready for war
713 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-04 19:54
watching porn on my phone while inside a girl
714 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-05 14:40
I could really go for some ass and pussy right now.
715 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-05 16:22
Wanna smash...
716 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-07 14:08
I'm absolutely smitten with an Israeli girl with a big ass, and a bigger nose
717 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-11 16:43
Part thy gilded pissflaps, harlot; I'm coming in dry
718 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-12 03:46
Nothing is more simultaneously modest and lewd than large tatas in a winter sweater
719 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-12 10:20
After not having the sex for almost three months, I must state that the pussy is magical.
720 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-12 21:27
Don't stick your dick in a sex witch!
721 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-13 01:31
Exposing her flat stomach and running the risk of making me ROCK HARD in a professional environment
722 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-13 20:36
Girl in docs on the tram is so cute
723 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-14 02:03
A pornographic flash parody called "Spyro: Enter the Dragon"
724 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-14 14:44
Starring Bruce and Robert Lee.
725 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-16 10:47
Saturday morning cummies
726 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-18 12:25
When she is so soft and squishy you cannot contain yourself.
727 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-19 00:49
god i really want her to give me head agAin AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRITE
728 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-22 17:34
729 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-24 03:19
I want to travel the land doing odd jobs and sexing beautiful women, like Golden Boy but with more sex
730 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-24 22:42
So squishy & so soft you wouldn't believe it.
731 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-27 14:24
This girl says she has a cosplay of that brown biddy from the ecchi cooking show. I will now devise a keikaku(plan) to do lewd things while cosplaying.
732 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-27 20:09
My hips are moving on their own! uguu~
733 Name: VIPPER 2019-11-30 02:58
my Asterix Roman name is Enormous Penus
734 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-01 17:58
making chocolate milk with →/saovq/images/1138/6074EF14-F1CF-4D57-89A6-C3E101678FDC.png
(the ingredients are actually neither chocolate nor milk)
735 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-02 19:33
Womb tattoo
736 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-02 22:12
make me Mutahard
737 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-03 04:22
a dungeon full of fart-scented monsters
738 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-05 04:09
I pray to the lewd lord above, show me the soft girl I'm supposed to put my penis in next. It's been almost 7 months in the desert, what is this suffering for?
739 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-05 16:43
You should not have disrespected Zeus.
740 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-06 05:38
I'll suck Zeus's lightning dick if he helps me out, I've learned my lesson.
741 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-06 08:34
Is Zeus a... premature ejaculator?
742 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-06 17:05
making semen come out in the poopchute
743 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-07 10:24
He better not be
744 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-07 11:42
It's either that, or 50,000,000 volts down your gay gob when he pops.
745 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-09 07:59
dicks up asses
746 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-09 19:36
Briefly pondering what it would be like to have titties of your own
747 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-10 22:17
Watch enough Tarantino films in a row and you start contemplating asking for a footjob
748 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-11 19:32
After two days of heavy rain, three separate hoes solicit me for companionship completely out of the blue. Praise Zeus, appear before me and I will make good on my word and suck your stormy cock
749 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-11 22:52
Cute and funny anime girl experimenting with her body
750 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-12 01:46
and rape
751 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-12 02:54
touch the pulvinus
752 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-13 02:02
Sex with the undead.
753 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-13 08:37
Wraithjobs until the sun comes up. Unhead for nights.
754 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-13 19:29
anus penetration
755 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-14 15:02
Muffin stuffin'
756 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-14 15:05
Volga and Ubangi
757 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-15 23:35
criminal penis
758 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-16 19:43
759 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-18 18:32
ape rape
760 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-19 21:24
"I had seen cougar and bear feces in the area"
761 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-20 14:03
762 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-22 01:14
rape an ape
763 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-23 12:33
Made a girl cum from just her tiddies the other day, it was just like one of my hentais. Only thing she was missing was the inverted nipples
764 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-23 21:51
Tired of pegging? Try figging!
765 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-23 22:33
Pinch Wendy's pennies
766 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-26 00:23
Every day becomes just a little more perfect when you can end its story with "and then a broad sucked my dick."
767 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-26 23:03
Driving into the heart of urban America in my momma's van for some pussy, I am the Good Kid MAAD City
768 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-27 17:02
poopdicks~ <3
769 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-28 07:01
The triumphant rush of losing your virginity is quickly dampened by the realization that you sacrificed your wizard powers to achieve it.
770 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-28 21:59
Some Secret vidz and links
771 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-28 22:32
am I going to get a virus from this?
772 Name: VIPPER 2019-12-31 13:19
As I conclude my last fap of the 2010s, I'd like to take a minute to thank the guys who made it possible, namely my penis and my hand. Hand, for as long as I can remember you've been my rock. We've cum so far over the past decade, and through the ups and downs you've remained one of my closest friends. You're an incredible work partner too, and thinking about it I think I literally wouldn't be able to do my job without you. Here's to another great decade, buddy. I'm wishing firm handshakes, soft titties and everything else you crave will come your way in droves.

Penis, words can't describe how proud I am of you. Over the course of this decade, you've really proven your mettle. Your statistics for the decade leave other penises in shame. I've watched you grow from a "Dick" to a "Richard" before my very eyes, and it makes me so excited to see how far you'll go in the 2020s. Best of luck man, and be sure that every step of the way I'll be there with you.

My undying love and support goes out to both of you guys as we head into this next chapter of our lives. Let's fuck the '20s even harder than the '10s, brothers.
773 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-04 19:31
Fuckin bitches with no love, no worries and no lube, 2020 kickin off right
774 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-06 20:15
Big cummytimes impressed gf by hitting the headboard with it
775 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-06 20:56
Squishing soft until I sprout semen from my peehole.
776 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-07 18:28
Ahhh, the malnourished beauty returns, looking as scrawny as ever. It’s another year of imagining what that bony ass do
777 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-14 20:07
Merry clitorismas!!
778 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-15 16:25
Doing JEWS
779 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-20 00:48
Getting your face assaulted by extremely degenerate and involved smooches
780 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-20 07:50
Squishing on the cute and soft girl.
781 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-22 08:06
Opening the door to find a heartbreakingly soft and squishy girl lying on your bed in her underwarez. Sometimes life is good, and it is lewd
782 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-22 20:30
I feel like this thread is 85% one guy fawning over his gf
783 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-23 05:26
You caught me, I'm a little fawning baby ;) Stick that meta cock up my ass and punish me for it~
784 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-23 07:34
Well, who wouldn't want to sexually penetrate the squishy hard-nippled girl who sounds like a dog
785 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-23 10:07
This thread’s made me want for strangely specific women
786 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-23 13:55
787 Name: /v/ tourist 2020-01-23 23:02
I want to undergo femdom!~~
788 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-24 17:29
And to the prudes who split the party early? Fuck em! Without further ado, let’s celebrate and suck some dick.
789 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-27 16:24
790 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-30 01:00
Have you ever sat in public wondering whose tits you keep thinking of in the back of your mind, and eventually coming to the conclusion that they actually are 2D and belong to the rabbit girl from that one furry manga?
791 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-31 21:03
Scratching Nanachi's ears
792 Name: VIPPER 2020-01-31 23:34
Wet dreaming about gettin' jiggy with a negress
793 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-01 04:02
Performing cunnilingus after a particularly sweaty day of biking
794 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-03 13:32
Well shucks, I'm just a simple rancher, tendin' to his stable o' hoes
795 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-04 13:38
Nubian knob-gobblers
796 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-04 17:32
I present the following to the table for debate: daddy/little girl play, a VIP fetish or strictly for the birds?
797 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-04 18:13
A throwaway women's fetish, legitimized by its provision of the Internet meme of ``cummies''
798 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-05 20:44
Sometimes you just want to get blood drawn by the fangs of your beloved
799 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-08 06:29
Good work out there boys, now let's hit the showers ;)
800 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-08 22:45
Spotted a tight top with no bra today. Very tasteful boobies
801 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-09 22:28
Giving a girl the penis to the entirety of the album The Chronic 2001 by Dr Dre
802 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-10 19:22
An imaginary girlfriend who's very good at giving reacharound handjobs
803 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-11 04:48
Anal intercourse with a soft and cute girl.
804 Name: LEWD GURU 2020-02-13 01:48
Sometimes you have to go back to your roots. Hit her with the missionary, maybe a little choking, a couple grabs and slaps. With all the clutter in our daily lives, a little basic dicking goes a long way.
805 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-13 04:09
Italo Calvino LOVED to fuck. Also in his autobiography he says all the pretty girls in San Francisco were unfortunately lesbian.

If you focus on the ways in which his works are explicitly horny you might lose sight of the ways his works are implicitly horny. All his works are about fucking in the same way any work is about fucking, but he was more aware of it than most.
806 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-13 23:49
If you can’t fuck it it’s not a good valentine’s gift
807 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-14 02:59
I'd love to fuck a box of choccy, honestly
808 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-14 03:57
When I’ve got time on my hands there is a long list of foods that I want to try putting my dick in
809 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-14 23:18
A congratulatory jerk off sesh for a job well done
810 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-15 19:44
What job was that, popping a boner?
811 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-17 23:20
Those goofy striped shirts that hipster girls love make me DIAMONDZZ
812 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-20 11:32
Start with boiling cooking oil.
813 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-23 20:47
There’s a sort of lewdly content feeling to waking up tender and sore
814 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-24 19:21
There's a lewd feeling to working out and feeling sore after.
815 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-28 21:00
Hard cox in squishy soft vagynaz
816 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-29 16:51
817 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-29 19:04
I'm trying hard to avoid Pornhub and HAnime right now. I haven't fapped in over 32 hours now.
818 Name: Sentry 2020-02-29 19:49
I fapped two times today
819 Name: VIPPER 2020-02-29 20:56
A GILF smiled and looked at me seductively on the bus today.
820 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-01 13:09
I wanted someone to lick my butthole after I farted earlier.
821 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-04 21:17
You know what they say, the smarter they are the better the brain
822 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-05 19:46
THIS SATURDAY, everything you know about cocks gets turned UPSIDE DOWN in a 1 ON 1 360 DEGREE 69 CAGE MATCH
823 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-05 22:01
Sir Cumference.
824 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-08 13:58
I dreamt my AR-15 was very erect and oozing precum. Which is weird since it's a firearm, not a penis.
825 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-10 18:09
I want to SQUISH SOFT.
826 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-10 18:33
Fondly remembering fuckenings of the recent past
827 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-11 13:18
She looks like a little boy and my penis has never been harder. I’ll skip the Freudian analysis and go straight to the sex
828 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-11 17:40
I'd smoke her cigar, if you know what I mean
829 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-12 23:55
Recalibrate the hoelodex, we’re going to hack our way in
830 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-16 18:43
SOS please someone fuck me
It’s not healthy for me to feel this
YOU are making me hard
I can’t take it, see it don’t feel right
831 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-17 13:31
The feeling of 中出し
832 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-17 15:14
833 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-17 16:27
Which Greek god do I call on to get a hoe to come over during this virus craze? Asclepius?
834 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-17 18:45
Dionysos, of course.
835 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-18 19:25
Aphrodite or Dionysus of course. Eros or Hedone too. And Hermaphroditus if you like traps.
836 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-19 00:54
Give me ONE good reason not to take my happy ass down to the local sex shop and buy one of those 20 pounds of pussy and ass toys to get me through these trying times
837 Name: MarcinoQ 2020-03-19 06:46
Hello, if you need more visitors you should read about one good method. Simply search in google: Jemensso's tricks
838 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-19 15:21
839 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-19 15:25
840 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-20 23:27
O Dionysus, hear me... I beseech you, give me your aid in bringing my hoe back into my arms. If you would do this for me, I would purchase a bottle of the finest wine in your honor, and I'd even let you tap as well, if that's something a fertility god would be into. I swear on my pride as a VIPPER I'll do it if you help me out, so please!!
841 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-22 17:08
The mother of all orgasms
842 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-22 17:41
I get specifically sexually excited when I see White and some of the Asian girls with a fairly thin body, height of 170 cm or more, pale skin and a black bob hairstyle right to the shoulders. Its even more exciting if they don't have a Kike nose and have a strong male chin and a moderately long head. It's "ideal" if they are a virgin and are dressed, look, and behave like a traditional woman, and are of an introvert character. I would often hug one very tight and would have had a few months of fun relationships with her before having any sex.
843 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-25 22:21
What's wrong with jew noses, they're hot. Speaking of, I need more JEWSEX *NOW* or I'll blow a gasket
844 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-26 05:02
None of my family has one, and I also have a normal mental health, so my genes don't mark it as something sexually attractive.
845 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-27 01:47
My millionaire dream is buying one of those uncomfortably realistic sex dolls and having a big enough house that I can dedicate a room to it and its fuckening
846 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-27 13:28
Monster girls.
with huge talons.
and big fluffy wings.
847 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-27 18:37
A large cardboard box full of fleshlights is probably better in terms of emptying the balls per buck
848 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-28 17:33
this kind of mentality is why you're not rich
849 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-29 13:00
Lewd yumes hit different during a dry spell.
850 Name: VIPPER 2020-03-29 20:48
That may be, but not only my pockets but my balls are also pleasantly unburdened.
851 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-01 19:52
Casually ogling the soft female residents of my apartment complex with my binoculars
852 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-02 09:01
Squishing the soft thighs of the cute girl.
853 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-02 23:31
Making a bucket list of all the baseless debauchery I want to get into when the hoes stop being skittish
854 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-05 01:28
After listening to Thundercat's new album, I'm compelled to have sex while keeping all of my bling on my person. It'll either be extra hot or terribly inconvenient
855 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-06 05:42
Very soft squish on a very cute girl.
856 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-06 16:46
Manko-related engineering specification
857 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-06 21:01
Balls deep in manko.
858 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-06 22:42
Please madame, jus' a crumb.... Jus' a lil crumb o' puss for an ol' chimneysweep like mahself....
859 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-07 11:14
Being a casual coprophage, I sometimes wonder how to make my own feces more alluring.
Obviously, your short-term diet has a huge influence on the consistency, smell, taste, and texture. But being a casual coprophage, I don't dedicate hours of each day to noting down what I eat, when I eat it, and how it's like when it comes out the other end.
That said, I've made some observations, most of which should come as no surprise.

1. Foods that typically give people "the shits," mainly spicy food, often result in rather loose, watery, rancid stool. Not at all arousing as the taste and smell are both too intense, and even a lick of it can be nauseating. Not fit for consumption.
2. Greens and fiber-rich food results in a more solid, easy-to-handle stool. Tends to come out comparatively cleanly, but the taste and flavor is a mixed bag; things like garlic, onions, and bell peppers often contribute to less appetizing stool. As I haven't experimented with too many different vegetables, my findings on this are, as of now, inconclusive.
3. I'll need to try this again at a later date to see if there really is a correlation, but it seems like a big serving of popcorn results in, frankly, quite delectable feces. Popcorn on its own don't taste of much if you don't add salt, and it seems this is true for digested popcorn as well. It's very mild in taste but isn't odor-free (one of the big appeals of this fetish for me is the smell, and feces that doesn't smell of anything is a letdown) and you can chew on it for minutes without even feeling like gagging.

I doubt there are many casual coprophages out there, but should any of you happen to be, I'd love to hear your own observations.
For non-coprophages who are curious: no, I've yet to taste another person's feces. I'd love to try it some day, although finding women who are willing to let you lick their dirty anus aren't easy to come by.
860 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-07 18:00
861 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-08 17:21
If I could offer up a lewd prayer to the gods of old I'd get myself a tomboy to fucken on the daily
862 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-08 18:26
God damn, what's a man gotta do to get a real life sex-addict mesugaki?
863 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-08 20:04
When the quarantine ends, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for sex-starved spring chicken tomboys. They await your macking.
864 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-09 02:47
Finding a shelter in place partner was a really good idea
865 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-10 16:05
Feeling up her exquisite naked softness.
866 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-10 21:10
Thrusting deeper and deeper until I eventually penetrate her uterus and achieve climax.
867 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-12 03:15
Daytime drunken sex with ya ex
868 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-13 15:36
I'd like an attractive human female to perform a fellatio-like act upon my toes
869 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-17 01:07
Upgrading from Rite Aid fleshlight to Amazon fleshlight, because I'm worth it.
870 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-17 06:48
Wanna kiss his tummy and squish against it
871 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-17 08:28
When she oozes softness.
872 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-18 09:34
I'm starting to understand why people write erotic fanfiction now.
Maybe I'll throw my own hat into this ring one day. There are so many squishy, slutty girls who I want to fuck senselessly through text.
873 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-18 18:27
I bought a Handy and my life quality drastically surged. Thinking about getting sucked off by it RIGHT NOW.
874 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-18 19:16
You bought a what?
875 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-18 20:09
Er hat ein Handfunktelefon gekauft. Aber warum?
876 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-20 07:21
Kissing her and spanking her soft ass while balls deep.
877 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-20 09:45
pp go qq
878 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-20 16:52
thumb in mouth during missionary
879 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-20 17:31
loose poosy
880 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-21 13:00
OOZING soft squishy cute girl naked on my penis.
881 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-21 15:42
I want to fuck a boy. Is that okay?
882 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-22 09:58
Giving a long-haired lady a seminal hair treatment, or spermanent
883 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-22 13:44
So squishy, so soft, so irresistible. Mmmmmmmmm her soft thighs in my face NOW.
884 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-22 14:50
A firm, cute tomboy will be living with me for the next several weeks. My lewd thoughts' cohesion and continuity are about to put even the dogfucker to shame
885 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-23 05:20
An oni in spats, a loose tank top, with visible tanlines on the shoulder when the strap slips.
886 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-23 22:17
887 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-26 18:17
I just want to suck on some fat titties.
888 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-26 18:22
Greetings from /GET/, by the way.
889 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-28 13:14
Soft squish thighs
890 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-28 14:20
Tit milk
891 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-29 00:12
Boys with small dicks who are shy about their small dicks
892 Name: VIPPER 2020-04-30 01:16
Straw sunhat, loose sky blue dress, a pair of brown leather sandals. She half jogs forward and turns on her left heel. Her hair floats through the air. The light catches on her lip gloss of half a moment. Her eyes are bright and filled with joy. She tells me she loves me.
893 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-03 07:21
And a sniff snoff to you as well, young lady
894 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-03 13:13
Great men set out to get that which others will not give them.
When the effeminate boy rejects a man's persuasion attempts because he insists he is "not gay" and "not trying to be a trap" but continues acting cute and irre-sissy-table, basking in the attention he receives, great men know when it's time to put their foot down and make a change.

So let him; he can continue pretending to be pure. A great man, a REAL man, dare I say, will concede the battle but win the war. For back in the command center, he concocts a plan to become a trap that will overtake the prudent boy who denied him.

If you can't beat (off to) them, join them.
895 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-03 13:40
>>894 he's cute, just rape him
896 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-03 14:45

Boy anus
897 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-04 12:23
I'm translating porn for a living, how am I supposed to NOT have lewd thoughts more often than not?
898 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-04 13:56
Tomboy roommate wearing my clothes to bed and around the house. My library of mental images for fap material is expanding at an exponential rate
899 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-04 18:29
900 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-04 19:38
Hoping that >>898's more or less fantastic living circumstance culminates in his whack-off session being interrupted by said roommate slipping and falling pussy-first into dick.
901 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-04 20:57
may the 4th be with u XD
902 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-04 21:26
903 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-05 12:34
The city planning committee has designated this plot and its surrounding five hectares preferentially for cougars. Welcome to... the MILFzone
904 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-10 13:24
My time with the tomboy has concluded, but she forgot her used bath towels at my place... This must be what that guy from Golden Boy felt like as he stood before his lady's throne
905 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-10 19:40
Not having bragged about penetrating said tomboy, we should at least inquire as to whether you at least cuddled her.
906 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-11 23:44
Cuddles were in fact achieved. My penis may have stayed dry, but my spank bank has never been richer
907 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-12 12:52
Sometimes I think about why they named their toy company Tracy’s Dog
908 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-12 20:07
Threesome with Mokou
909 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-12 21:29
It's too late, VIPPER. You can only put brash effeminate boys in their place by surpassing them. Only then will they realize what a grave mistake they've made.
910 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-13 08:22
911 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-13 10:14
So we're enjoying a nice relaxing round of sumata with her on her stomach and me on top. It's one of her favorite positions because it sets up a good angle for her clit. She tells me to slow down a bit, I can tell she's starting to feel it a bit more...and all of a sudden she's hit by a sledgehammer of an orgasm, so intense she actually blacks out.

Huh, that's a first.

It was an unusual session in several ways. I'm not sure which particular combination of factors was ultimately responsible, and what it would take to deliberately induce such an orgasm again. But I really want to find out.
912 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-13 14:16
Nothing gets the old wood going like some delicious tights.
913 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-14 08:53

914 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-14 21:48
Oh yeah, this submissive stuff is good all right.
915 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-15 20:24
When she is SUPER SOFT I get SUPER HARD.
916 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-15 21:15
Yesterday, I had a boner like I'd not experienced in a decade.
917 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-15 23:16
I believe I have mastered the art of being extremely aroused while simultaneously not being erect.
918 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-16 12:12
My arousal comes from my erection.
919 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-17 16:09
My masochistic femboy slut fantasies are running absolutely wild and it's interfering with my work productivity.
920 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-18 12:00
Buncha chutney ferrets up ins
921 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-19 15:18
Why is soft so good to squish.
922 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-19 15:43
Soft was made to be squished, that's why.
923 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-19 16:46
Survivng in this sexual desert is giving me a whole new lewd skillset. My fantasies have never been so powerful, and I'm knocking on the door of lewd lucid dreaming as well.
924 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-19 19:02
Think of every time you jack off as paying yourself for a professional handjob. You're rich.
925 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-19 19:57
There is not enough squish in the world, so I must become squishy for others to fawn over and fantasize about squishing.
926 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-20 12:50
Words that sound lewd regardless of context, such as "jut" and "nacelle"
927 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-21 00:21

   /''''''   '''''':::::::\
  . |(●),   、(●)、. :| + heLlo my nAmei S
  |   ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,, .::::|    DADDYCOOL
.   |   `-=ニ=- ' .:::::::| + and I oWn a
   \  `ニニ´  .:::::/     + SECRET
,,.....イ.ヽヽ、ニ__ ーーノ゙-、. AREA OF VIP
:   |  '; \_____ ノ.| ヽ i QUALITY
    |  \/゙(__)\,|  i | but i will onyL let
    >   ヽ. ハ  |   || you in if yOu pAyme EnoUgh ;)

928 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-21 01:46
Binding myself to a cum pact to settle for nothing less out of 3D sex than short haired tomboy fucks
929 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-21 03:45
This lock up is making me crazy. At first I was fapping pretty much non-stop out of boredom. Now I want pussy so bad it is driving me crazy. I am channeling this shit and work out non-stop so that when everything opens up I can hit up the tanning salon, get my my hair cut, and buy some new clothes. I want balls deep, nut draining, baby making, bed breaking, walls shaking, girl screaming, endless creaming sex.
930 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-21 06:19
I have been locked up in my house as a NEET for about a year now, basically quarantined before quarantine, and like you I am also crazy for sex, or any physical company from a woman in general. Except unlike you, I didn't get any pussy pre-NEETdom and I'm not getting any after.
931 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-22 03:24
Imagining the entire development of my sex life with every broad I meet on the street. I empathize with >>929-kun
932 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-24 15:03
Onii-chan's dolly spat in my face so I wringed its neck, nya~
933 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-24 16:21
Not gonna lie, choking is hot as hell. Only when consensual, though.
934 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-27 03:25
I said I'd never go back... Hacking into the hoelodex once again in a last-ditch search for poon
935 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-27 03:54
maybe if somebody fucked me senseless with a knife to my throat everything else would fall into place
936 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-27 17:26
Saw an absolutely gorgeous woman sporting what looked to be a military surplus balaclava at the grocery store. She gave me two kinds of erections
937 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-27 20:03
One in your pants, and another in your butt?
938 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-28 10:27
939 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-29 15:55
Stage II of the state reopening: government-mandated hoes transferred to every single male's place of residence
940 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-30 02:17
pooper penetration
941 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-30 11:25
Cute phimotic PENESIS
942 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-30 17:51
Slampigs of the world, unite!
943 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-30 20:12
I am all about that SLUTTY SHIT
944 Name: VIPPER 2020-05-30 21:01
All the college hoes are packing up and filing out of the city. It's true what they say, hate to see them leave, love to watch them go.

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